The Raptors announced the new season opener schedule and then pick the knight Warrior (video)

The Raptors announced the new season opener and then pick the knight warrior race [] with the Raptors teammate Lori dunk the flying Deluozan axe Split Button sports news September 1st Tencent according to the American media news today, the Toronto Raptors announced the new season of the tournament arrangement, Ji Dong strong, the new season of the preseason opponents are not an ordinary person, in the preseason, the Raptors will undoubtedly be better run in the inspection team lineup. The Raptors announced the preseason schedule new Raptors season specific schedule as follows: Beijing time on October 2nd in Vancouver against the warriors, Beijing time on October 4th in Calgary against Denver, Beijing time October 6th game against the clippers, Beijing time October 14th game against Cleveland, Beijing October 15th home court against Argentina San Beijing Lorenzo de Almagro, the October 20th game against the Beijing time October 22nd game against the wizards. From the preseason schedule, we can see that, in addition to the Argentina team, the Western warriors, the clippers, Denver, and the eastern part of the knight, piston, wizards are very powerful team, Toronto not only have to face such a championship team, the warriors and knights, clippers, piston like a playoff team, also to face the wizards, the Nuggets this two young team challenge, this season for the Raptors for exercise of great significance. Last season, the Raptors eventually broke into the Eastern Conference finals, although in the Eastern Conference finals against Cleveland, but Lori, DeRozan led the Raptors played for Toronto fans performance. This summer, the Raptors remained in the Eastern Conference finals last season in the squad, the only regret is billom Bo left inside the general left for the Raptors defense, have certain effect. Even so, the Raptors in the summer also gain a lot of reinforcements, the former green army inside Sa Linjie to join, let the Raptors inside the attack force upgrade, in addition they also got from the draft center Pearl ter, 2 meters 13 he as a substitute to Waland Nath but also for the Raptors to increase hardness in interior defense. On the whole, the Raptors strength did not decline, if the new season Lori and Deluozan continued progress, the Raptors still have a chance in the eastern part of the impact of Cleveland monopoly. (knife sister) copyright statement: This article is an exclusive copy of Tencent sports, without authorization, shall not be reproduced, or will be held liable.相关的主题文章: