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The beauty of The Pentagon: the air strikes killed the Islamic state propaganda leader – Sohu news information: in the fight against the Syrian territory of the Islamic state of the United States warplanes in new network on 17 September,   according to foreign media reports, the United States The Pentagon announced that 16 local time, the fight against extremist organization Islamic state (IS) forces in September 7th for Syria to launch air strikes, air strikes killed a senior leader of the Islamic state, who is believed to be the organization’s "press secretary". According to reports, The Pentagon spokesman Cook (Peter Cook), also known as "Dr. watts and" (Dr. Wa" IL) Fayyad (Wa" IL Adil Hasan Salman al-Fayad) in September 7th for precision air strikes in northern Syria near the city of La was killed. According to the The Pentagon announced the news, Fayyad is the "Islamic state" press secretary "and" Senior Leadership Council "(Senior Shura Council) is an important member of. Spokesman Cook said, Fayyad is one of the top leaders of the Islamic state, he was also killed in August 30th by Islamic state spokesman (Abu Mohamed al-Adnani) close partner". U.S. Department of defense confirmed this month, 12, the Islamic state, one of the main leaders of Abu, Mohamed, was killed in August 30th in the U.S. air strikes in northern Syria. U.S. officials said Adnane, last year’s terrorist attacks in the Islamic state, plays an important role in a series of explosions in Brussels, such as Paris and Istanbul airport attack event.相关的主题文章: