The new season cba schedule exposure the first round of the end of the February 19th Beijing

The new season CBA exposure schedule: the first round of Beijing Xinjiang war ended in February 19th October 9th Beijing time news, 16-17 CBA regular season race exposure, will kick off on October 29th start, when defending champion Sichuan team will return home court against Beikong team. As for the finals last season, will be in the tenth round (November 23rd) and the twenty-ninth round (in January 20th). The new season CBA League remained unchanged, the 20 teams play home and away double cycle, a total of 38 rounds of the regular season. The opener is set in October 29th, Sichuan will receive the championship ring in Chengdu. The regular season will end in February 19th next year, also is the new season calendar when nearly 4 months. In January 24, 2017 after the thirty-first round after the Spring Festival will enter the truce period, until February 5th (lunar month) back to war. But during the holiday, Spring Festival will be a war, time is February 1st (lunar calendar), Jiangsu Guangsha team against the home court. The all star weekend is between the twenty-fifth and the 26 round, with January 7, 2017 and January 8th. According to previous rumors, the 2017 all star weekend is held in Beijing wukesong. In the new season, the focus of the war, including the first round in October 30th, the Xinjiang team against Beijing, the tenth round of the finals last season, as well as the second round in December 11th, the Liaoning team at home against the Beijing team. As for the traditional Xinjiang Guangdong war, arranged in the eighth round in November 18th. Xinjiang and Liaoning team for the first time, it is in the eleventh round in November 27th. Up to now, the teams are preparing for the new season. According to the arrangement, the registration deadline is October 14th domestic players. (Jimmy)                相关的主题文章: