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The National Women’s Federation scheme reform: improving the office level cadre of part-time attachment proportion of the original title: the National Women’s Federation responsible for the reform of the National Women’s Federation a reporter asked the Xinhua news agency in Beijing on 21 September, recently, the CPC Central Committee issued the "national plan" of women’s reform, marking the National Women’s Federation under the leadership of the party reform entered the implementation stage. The day before, the National Women’s Federation and the person in charge of the reform to answer Xinhua News Agency reporters. Q: please talk about the significance of the reform of the National Women’s Federation? Answer: the National Women’s Federation reform is an important part of comprehensive deepening reform, is an important part of strengthening and improving the party’s mass work, deepen the reform of the group, is a major reform task of the Party Central Committee to determine. Of the party since eighteen, with Comrade Xi Jinping as general secretary of the CPC Central Committee attaches great importance to the cause of women and women’s work. General secretary Xi Jinping personally with the National Federation of the new leadership collective talks and made an important speech, personally presided over the September last year China and the United Nations women’s Department jointly organized the global summit of women and made an important speech on the National Women’s Federation, repeatedly made important instructions, put forward specific requirements, provide an important guidance for the development and innovation of women’s work during the new period. The Party Central Committee to make major decisions and plans to strengthen and improve the party’s mass work, deepen the reform of the group, the general secretary Xi Jinping to the National Women’s Federation reform in the framework of total plate comprehensive deepening reform, reform of the overall design of the group, presided over the meeting of the National Women’s Federation, clarify the deep reform basic principle and the main task the path of practice, and to promote the reform work requirements, we pointed out the direction, provides a powerful ideological weapon. To deepen the reform of women’s Federation is the inevitable requirement of the times, is a critical choice imperative, it is the only way which must be passed of women’s organizations of building a more vibrant and more strong. The women’s Federation is our party to create and direct leadership groups of people. In the revolution, construction and reform and opening up in various historical periods, women’s organizations always keep in mind the glorious mission, to lead the women’s mobilization in response to the call of the party, to join the party’s cause, has played an important role for the masses of women lay a solid foundation for the ruling party. Under the new situation, the women’s organizations work environment, tasks and objects have undergone profound changes, new situations and new problems, new challenges facing the hitherto unknown. From the overall development, our party is a great struggle with many new historical features, promote the overall development of "five in one overall layout, to promote the coordination of" four comprehensive "strategic layout, to promote the process of building a moderately prosperous society, continue to achieve the" two one hundred year "goal and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation Chinese dream push forward, must gather hundreds of millions of people including women, powerful unity. How to through effective means, method, way and carrier, the half of the population of women most closely unite around the party, to better serve the overall interests of the urgent need to reform the women’s federation. From the group of women, the women, ideas, values, interests, employment and life style increasingly diverse, speed up social mobility, population differentiation is obvious, how to grasp the different characteristics of women, according to the different needs of women, better services for women, forced Qi相关的主题文章: