The name of the door early employees borrow to send stolen boss 380 thousand yuan worth of watches-mkdv-02

The name of the door early employees borrow to send stolen boss 380 thousand yuan worth of luxury goods sold a watch officer purchased gold watch after the Yunnan network (reporter Yang Zhihui) early morning visit to send the name of the man was still asleep, the boss, the boss walked stole $380 thousand worth of Rolex watches. The boss found after a man claiming to want back to the table, took 50 thousand yuan. The day before, Kunming Xishan police cracked the case and arrested a suspect. According to Xishan police police investigators, September 13th at 11 am, the boss Liu is still sleeping at home, the official to send an early into the boss’s home. Not wake up, Liu has to wake up, but still dazed state. As home to the guests, he put in a sleepy and officer of a causally greet up. How he can not control the sleepy, constantly nodded sleepy, this to close, did not think it was asleep. Such as Liu Shuiyan laxly again woke up, found a officer has left his home, suddenly found his gold Rolex and some other valuable things take wings to itself. "Obviously put on here before going to bed last night, how to disappear? Is he!" Liu Mouyu wants more sure of their own thoughts, to call an officer ablaze with anger. Did not expect the officer of a do not pick up his phone, Liu edit a message, to ask an officer, and soon received a reply, officials did not deny that take the gold watch, but also confidently said: "Liu, want to return to the table, took 50 thousand yuan!" Liu felt a officer just a naive child made a mistake, think through the "private" to resolve the matter, then anger to an officer to do ideological work: "this watch worth 380 thousand yuan, is not a small number, if the report said, you will certainly be held legal responsibility." The officer did not appreciate, insisted that Liu 50 thousand yuan in exchange for gold watch. A magistrate so slow-witted, under Liu helpless alarm. Kunming Xishan Public Security Bureau Taurus police station after receiving the report, immediately investigation, a group of police officer of the social relations investigations; another group officer of a lock, the time is ripe to close the net to catch. After a month of waiting, tracking, Dundian, on the morning of October 25th, more than 10 points, will are ready to go out to a captured officer. After the interrogation, the suspect officer confessed that he has a value of 380 thousand Rolex watches, in the company had heard the boss heart, and my body sick, need the money, they quickly get racking their brains to think of a fee. So, he carefully plan to send breakfast into the machine, Liu took the opportunity to steal the gold watch manager home. Because there is no "50 thousand yuan and Liu agreed to return the gold watch", on the same day to buy a ticket to Shanghai. Sell the gold watch when he wanted 180 thousand, but because there is no box, invoices and vouchers, and finally to 135 thousand yuan transactions, and buy a laptop computer, mobile phone, wallet, wallet and other items. Fearing the boss alarm he started the run day, until they were captured. Currently, the suspect officer on suspicion of theft, has been under criminal detention 7相关的主题文章: