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Exercise Originally practiced by boxers to improve upper body strength, medicine ball workouts have increased in popularity over the years. These workouts are an excellent way to produce awesome abs! This exercise equipment not only improves upper body core strength, but helps to reduce dangerous stomach fat. Medicine ball workouts does not cost much, is small enough to be stored easily, and is very durable. It is weighted, because it is filled with sand. The ball is covered with thick rubber. It comes in varying weights, from two to fifteen pounds, and is fairly indestructible. For example, use all of your strength to throw the ball against a wall, and it will not break. Versatility is an added benefit. This equipment is used for a variety of workouts in addition to different stomach exercises. This is such a simple object, but is valuable tool in strengthening abdominal muscles. Before beginning any exercises, you should carefully select a properly-weighted ball compatible with your physical condition. Additional equipment is unnecessary when using a medicine ball. Exercises can be done in almost any location. Following are some examples of exercises using this equipment. One exercise is called abdominal crunch with a toe touch. To do this, lie on your back with your legs pointed straight up. Keep your arms straight while holding the medicine ball. Exhale as you lift your shoulders off the floor, trying to touch the medicine ball to your toes. Be careful not to stress your neck. If you cannot perform an entire set, then do 5 repetitions and rest. An additional workout involves sitting on the floor with knees bent, your feet flat in front of you. Extend arms straight, while holding the ball. Lean back as far as you can. Then twist torso right, then left. Lean back farther, and the exercise becomes more demanding. The third routine is a rendition of the classic abdominal workout, crunches sitting on a stability ball. Begin by lying on the stability ball as you would perform regular crunches. Increase the challenge of this exercise by holding a medicine ball overhead as you bend forward and raise your shoulders above the stability ball. Hold this position for a bit, then slowly lower the torso. A last sample exercise culminates in bumping the ball on either side of a wall behind you. Begin by standing with your back two feet in front of a wall. Hold a ball with the arms straight in front of you. Bend your arms and legs slightly. Rotate your chest to the left, bump the wall with the ball, and then rotate your chest to the right. Bump the wall again. Medicine ball workouts clearly produce awesome abs. This equipment is very basic, inexpensive, and works stomach muscles by adding simple resistance. Anyone can perform a multitude of exercises in addition to the workouts described above. The degree of exercise difficulty can be changed by using balls of different weights. Medicine balls are very effective in toning the essential, and specifically the abdominal muscles. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: