The list of network civilization terminology the negative list of 17 low as new network – Disabled yuanjiao

The list of network civilization terminology negative list 17 low as disabled – Beijing recently, Chinese journalists to "grass lying" "I," and a number of network civilization terminology included in the negative list, initiative media and websites using and spreading. Some experts pointed out that due to the virtual nature of the Internet and the characteristics of the media "lack of gatekeeper", social network vulgar language hostility gathered in large numbers, has to be a non management level. The Chinese’s clear list of uncivilized network language reflects the negative list to the "vulgar" sword determination and strength. 17 low slang disable network uncivilized language, is spreading to every corner of our fingertips and web site can be touched, the site, post bar, micro-blog, WeChat, mobile phone APP…… A news client openly push headline "dude, you this zhuangby me a little bit afraid" article, the amount of reading is not low; there are news reports "rub hot words of time! Shanghai hit and run! All responsible party unexpectedly arrogant to burst! "There are some from the media; meet the fans emotions title" I lent you money, I do have the wrong "; many have many fans in hot public number, launched the explosion from the title and content, are filled with vulgar language network not fit to be seen. The day before, journalists China journalistic ethics committee held a special Council of network civilization terminology, Chinese HKJA ethics committee members, experts and scholars to conduct special review of the network civilization terminology, the final vote of 17 recommended to disable the network does not civilized language. This list is from the search through the network and relevant monitoring report, 65 uncivilized language to tease out the screen to China; also in last year’s review’s 38 not civilized language basis, in accordance with the content of coarse and vulgar media, relatively high frequency of use of the principle of selection. "The Internet language has a positive side, some innovative, positive energy after settling down is mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore; some ambiguous affect the normal communication, the real meaning of distorted language, willful use non-standard, wanton destruction of language China Chinese characters of beauty, even destroy too vulgar values." Member of the National Committee of ethics of the press, Ceng Jieling, chairman of the union of Hunan airport management group, told reporters. China Association official pointed out that if the user has not feel vulgar network in the language of "language taboo", such "language violations" even used identity, worrying consequences. The establishment of a negative list, but also to further promote the news media and websites in compliance with language norms, advocate civilized language to play an exemplary role. Both the negative list Chinese self-discipline heteronomy journalists the vulgar language, media and related practitioners will reach the hands, have a positive effect. Many experts have suggested that the vulgar language for the network haze, like a negative list of such advocacy is necessary to disable. News media and websites are responsible for the purification and development of network language. "Overall, the mainstream media and regular media on the network vulgar language use less, and a lot of media market, media use of network language need to be further standardized, how to guide the media and websites, is)相关的主题文章: