The latest observation ship No. 7 will be responsible for space station and other missions-9c8950

The latest survey ship Yuanwang 7 debut will assume the space station mission (map) Yuanwang 7 space survey ship original title: "Yuanwang 7" space ships officially unveiled recently, a group of friends to shoot "Yuanwang 7" space ships appeared on the network, related equipment has been installed after. "Space Telescope 7" is equipped with a new type of equipment, such as Beidou sounding system. It is the latest type of ocean going vessel in China, which will play an important role in the subsequent space launch. The remote sensing ship is mainly responsible for the tracking, measurement and control tasks of rockets, satellites, spacecrafts and other spacecraft, and real-time communication and data exchange with the space mission center to accurately determine the landing point of the rocket, satellite and spacecraft. At present, there are 3 "Yuan Yuan" in service, namely "Yuan Yuan No. 3", "Yuan Yuan No. 5" and "Yuan Yuan No. 6"". You can see from the photo, "Yuanwang 7" shape compared to China’s third generation spaceflight oceangoing ship "Yuanwang 5" and "Yuanwang 6", the greater the hull, and heightening the forecastle deck, the flare is more obvious. Said the observer network of military observers, from the window can be seen, compared to the previous type ship "Yuanwang 7" heightening the hull, increased in the high sea conditions of wind resistance, provides a more stable platform for Space Surveying in the ocean. "Yuan Yuan" series space ocean survey ship has developed three generations. The first generation of "Yuanwang 1" and "Yuanwang 2" as the "718 project" supporting the project, although the ability of deep-sea navigation than now ships, but two of the first generation of "Yuanwang" take a number of tasks, has become China’s satellite launch intercontinental ballistic missile test, recovery and manned space ship meritorious service. "Yuanwang No. 3" is the first collection of advanced technology in China was summarized, ocean vessel construction experience, is China’s first space ships in the true sense, and for the first time in the Western Hemisphere space measurement task. "Yuanwang No. 4" is a special case, by "Xiangyang red No. 10 converted, completed the Shenzhou spacecraft measurement task, but in 2007 due to the collision damage after use as a target ship after dismantling. After "retired No. 1" and "No. 2" were retired, its position was filled by the newly built "Yuan Yuan No. 5" and "Yuan Yuan No. 6". As a space measuring ship more advanced and more capable of ocean navigation than the "yuan 5" and "yuan 6", "Yuan Yuan No. 7" will undertake a series of missions such as space station, lunar probe and deep space exploration in the future.

最新远望7号测量船亮相 将承担空间站等任务(图) 远望7号航天测量船   原标题:“远望7号”航天远洋测量船正式亮相   近日,一组网友拍摄的“远望7号”航天远洋测量船的照片在网络上出现,相关设备已经安装完毕。“远望7号”航天远洋测量船装备了北斗探空系统等新型设备,是我国最新一型航天远洋测量船,将对我国后续航天发射起到重要作用。   “远望”系列航天远洋测量船主要负责火箭、卫星、飞船等各类航天器的海上跟踪测控任务,并与航天任务中心进行实时通信和数据交流,准确测定火箭、卫星、飞船的着落点。目前共有3艘“远望”在役,分别是“远望3号”、“远望5号”和“远望6号”。   从照片上可以看出,“远望7号”的外形相比我国第三代航天远洋测量船“远望5号”、“远望6号”,采用了更大的船体,同时加高了艏楼甲板,外飘更明显。观察者网军事观察员表示,从船舷舷窗可以看出,对比前型船只,“远望7号”加高了船身,提高了在高海况下的抗风浪能力,为在大洋上进行航天测量作业提供了更加稳定的平台。   “远望”系列航天远洋测量船已经发展了三代。第一代“远望1号”、“远望2号”作为“718工程”的配套项目,虽然远洋航行能力比不上现在的舰船,但是两艘第一代“远望”均承担了大量任务,成为了我国卫星发射、洲际导弹试验回收和载人航天的功勋船。“远望3号”则首次集合了我国当时的先进技术,总结了远洋船只的建造经验,是我国首艘真正意义上的航天远洋测量船,并首次进入西半球进行航天测量任务。“远望4号”则是一个特例,由“向阳红10号”改装而来,完成了神舟飞船等测量任务,但在2007年因撞船事故损毁,后作为靶船使用后被拆解。   “远望1号”和“远望2号”退役后,其位置由最新建造的“远望5号”和“远望6号”填补。“远望7号”作为比“远望5号”和“远望6号”更先进、远洋航行能力更强的航天测量船,将承担我国未来一系列的空间站、探月以及深空探测等任务。相关的主题文章: