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The J-10 female pilot Yu Xu cremation parents comrades Farewell – Sohu military channel map information: F -10 female pilot Yu Xu. Reporter: yesterday, the "Peacock" Yu Xu’s remains were cremated in Tianjin on Saturday, the souls return to hometown Chongzhou. Yesterday morning, more than 5 days, the day is not yet fully bright, Tianjin City, South Cai Town funeral home, Yu Xu’s former comrades in arms, rushed to Tianjin from Sichuan, relatives and friends of the line, wearing white flowers to give her the last ride. 8:25, cremation is completed. Chongzhou Municipal Foreign Affairs Office, has already identified will meet Yu Xu on the 19 day of homecoming, the ashes will be placed in Chongzhou martyrs cemetery. Reporters learned from the Chongzhou Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, at present, is making tombstone. "This is full respect for the wishes of the family, in the early stage of the relevant departments at all levels to visit condolences to the relatives of Yu Xu, the pro people expressed the hope to meet Yu Xu home, convenient for." Chongzhou Civil Affairs Bureau official said. Reporters learned that the Chongzhou martyrs cemetery in Pan Village streets of Chongyang flag, over the years has placed more than 100 martyrs of the ashes. Unfortunately at the expense of the f -10 female pilot Yu Xu has been approved as a revolutionary martyr. For the convenience of the community sent a condolence, funeral oration, at present, the air force, Chongzhou city opened a network of more than the Asahi Memorial platform, the community, the majority of people have to leave the way flowers for the superior female pilots tribute. Related reports: in November 16th, it was the fifth day of F -10 female pilots Yu Xu left. Perhaps this is the coldest day of Tianjin earth. This day, Yu Xu’s body was cremated, her parents, relatives, friends, comrades, in the cold head trembling days away her tears. Funeral home in Tianjin District of Wuqing, the reporter with a bunch of white chrysanthemum, sent the hero of all the hearts of the final process. This remote town, the name Yu Xu would always stay in the blue sky.相关的主题文章: