The Italy earthquake killed at least 120 people in disaster areas like Dante’s Inferno – in the new sopor aeternus

The Italy earthquake killed at least 120 people in disaster areas like "Dante’s Inferno" – Beijing, Beijing, August 25 Xinhua comprehensive foreign media reports, local time 24 days at 3:36 in the morning, more than 6 earthquake occurred in the central region of Italy. Italy’s prime minister Ferenczi day in the earthquake stricken province of Rieti held a press conference that has killed at least 120 people. "Dante’s Inferno" reported that the capital about 150 kilometers from the epicenter in Rome have clearly felt up to 30 seconds. At least 60 aftershocks caused by the earthquake, the epicenter of several historic cities and towns suffered serious damage. The famous ancient city of amatrice is one of the hardest hit, a large number of buildings collapsed, some residents were trapped under the rubble, mayor Pirozzi described 3/4 amatrice has ceased to exist". Witnesses have described disaster areas such as "Dante’s Inferno" (Dante’s Inferno). After 60 aftershocks road disruption is difficult to rescue the first earthquake, at least 60 aftershocks, the strongest level reached 5.5. In addition to Umbria, near the two regions have affected towns. Many residents collapsed in a dream house alive after the dawn of heavy machinery mining authorities dispatched rubble and search for survivors, the death toll will rise. It is reported that the epicenter 40 kilometers south of the mountain town of amatrice, Italy is the famous summer resort, due to the current value of the summer peak, the huge crowds of people. Pirozzi said amatrice hit, many buildings collapsed and buried people, power outages, connected to the outside of the road is interrupted as a result of the destruction, the rescue personnel to enter. The hospital fear collapse victims in the rubble, unarmed dig cut amath the hardest hit province of Rieti in 64 people have been confirmed dead, the town hospital in the earthquake hit, there may be danger of collapse, the hospital will move the patient to take shelter in the street. Another near the epicentre of the town of accumoli also hit, many buildings collapsed, the streets all over the rubble. Mayor Petrucci described the disaster is more serious than initially expected, no signs of life under the rubble, the situation is not optimistic. The east town of arquata Pescara was almost razed to the ground, the traffic was interrupted, the victims to rescue people trapped in the rubble of manual excavation. Norcia disaster is relatively light, the mayor is called Nobel Aleman shockproof function with the city building, only some historical sites and a small amount of damage to buildings. Without warning Italy Prime Minister Ferenczi cancelled a trip to France, said to rescue trapped persons as the primary task. Italy is located on two faults, is Europe’s most frequent crustal activity area since ancient times, there have been numerous catastrophic earthquakes, the last is the central city of L’Aquila in 2009 6.3 earthquake, which killed more than 300 people. Professor Roseri, Professor of planetary geology at the Open University of the United Kingdom, said the 24 earthquake was similar to that of 2009, both of which are shallow earthquakes, making the ground vibrate more. Roseri pointed out, "but unlike the L’Aquila, that occurred before the earthquake.相关的主题文章: