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The hand count is a wonderful school discipline "campus violence" – Sohu comments Guangming commentator: Recently, there are media reports Qingdao Binhai University students reflect the school rules are too strict, and will only hand cuddle is written as a discipline punishment, causing users concern. Subsequently, the school students told reporters reflect, the school campus is not only limited in male and female students will be forced to donate normal exchanges, county. The school said, the school does not advocate nor oppose lovers, students belonging to the voluntary donation records, such as the existence of the students reflected the situation, will be severely punished. Qingdao Binhai University is a comprehensive university with the provincial key construction, Shandong province is the characteristics of higher education in private undergraduate schools construction of colleges and universities, is the University of Applied Technology of Ministry of education strategy research pilot reform of colleges, this is an excerpt from the official website of the school introduction. Modern discourse with introduction, but people do not know the rules of lost track of time. Since the university students are adults, hand in hand, cuddle is right, no one has the right to interfere; compulsory donation County, this forced to apportion the no legal basis, no one has the right to impose. It is greater in the rules above rules. From some of the specific details, it is not difficult to see that the school showed a "cold" face. Except between male and female students, the school requires students to be black straight hair, do not meet, to the teacher to open a "hair proof", such as hair damaged, does not dye color, black, yellow and fade naturally, otherwise it will be deducted points processing at the time of inspection. The school closed management, students from Monday to Saturday to go out during the class, the school is not allowed to stay in the dormitory or campus students, once in the school stay was found, will be recorded as free, it will be counted as punishment, moral points deduction. Although the rules are complicated, frequently violated, but the school also "humanization" has left the door of Redemption: the donation can be reduced to sub county. Of course, can not be purchased, corresponding to each class buy county areas are different, along with the county to buy the shop bookstore. Thus, whether the school is cold or absurd, or what is people-oriented, I believe that readers of its own judgment. The common forms of campus violence are different, such as verbal abuse, physical assault, illegal detention and so on, while the nature of the support of power, the right to limit, the dignity of shame is consistent. Now some wonderful school, but also with the "violence" in the background. This kind of "violence", with respect to the sporadic violence between students, is a mechanism of power: the introduction of impersonal rules lack of research and scientific exchange views, restrictions on the rights of students, from the dress to the code of behavior contrary to the basic rights of Goods are available in all varieties., even with the citizens, and impose strict punishment. In order to control the way to implement the rules, discipline, students instead of personality free stretch, but frequently frustrated. Living in such environment, the nerve tension, personality dignity, suppression of campus violence and belittle, bring spiritual oppression, more or less the same? Wonderful school is now more common, from primary school to university has been covered, is to show the trend of concern. If the rules behind the values of.相关的主题文章: