The Food Pyramid For

Food Pyramid in 2005 for a new food pyramid S. A plan of the Ministry of Agriculture. Children and adults need to avoid the spread horizontally Food Pyramid. In addition, adults now have a food pyramid is a pyramid of news for children there. What food, nutrition and diet is it? Food Pyramid for children, children with a new basis for the different nutritional needs and diet, as well as adults. Children grow up healthy and strong so that the new food pyramid for children should be within specifications. Food Pyramid for children, parents and the Food Pyramid for children should eat a variety of foods from all food groups, he said. A healthy diet, food pyramid for children that lean meat, beans, nuts, fish, milk, cheese, fruit, cereals, vegetables and low in fat to follow. For children to eat foods children will not tell him all the precious pyramid. same age, if age, however, fruit and cereals to eat more vegetables than other products. edible oils and sugar in small portions. Parents are also foods in each category must be aware that should be consumed in large quantities. Tetra Pak juice and pastry, for example, always the same as real fruit and are used only occasionally for Food Pyramid, does not. For the purposes of the Food Pyramid is the best way for children to promote a good example for children. .mit to eating only the health of parents and family members. In addition, fast Food Pyramid and less nutritious foods without the other will help keep the house. The new Food Pyramid for children to educate children enough time to try to tell us. A good physical game, re.mended for children to stay healthy. Parents can also encourage new foods is a good example of physical training and physical properties discussed in the activity pyramid for children, for children. Parents, through active participation in family camping, sports and family games to bring their children. Questions about nutrition and healthy living for children to learn difficult concepts. Food Pyramid Food Pyramid for children, but also a healthy lifestyle and emphasizes the need to learn to eat slowly. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: