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"Wulongshan Earl" national tour   Shen Teng dedicated Ma Li return to the stage – Entertainment Channel 10, night by Shen Teng and Ma Li starring the "Wulongshan Earl" held in Beijing star performances, but also declared a "Wulongshan Earl" national tour officially launched. The drama scene the audience enthusiastic fans, All seats are occupied., site from time to time bursts of laughter and applause. The actor Shen Teng, called "double happiness", that day at noon in Beijing held a wedding feast to thank him immediately began the "Wulongshan Earl" of the show, people have to admire the bridegroom’s dedication of the state. Star field "Wulongshan Earl" National Tour debut All seats are occupied. hot start happy twist strikes again! On the evening of 10, happy twist drama "Wulongshan Earl" held in Beijing geological hall performances, started a national tour of the first bomb. The drama by the return to the stage of Shen Teng, starring Ma Li, for some of the old drama twist audience is after being apart a long time. Since its premiere in December 2010, "Wulongshan Earl" has 1045 performances, the show track throughout more than 50 city nationwide, covering millions of viewers, grossed more than $one hundred million, has set off a frenzy of drama. After a lapse of six years, "Wulongshan Earl" to commemorate the thousands show again the frenetic pace, to reproduce the classic story, to show the audience the most exciting art. That night, hosted by the work often far as the drama, humor, enthusiasm for presided over the opening play off to a good start. It is reported that the "Wulongshan Earl" tells the story of a robbery caused by a series of stories with a strange combination of circumstances, Shen Teng Ma Li two "twist the" portrait of interpretation, the male and female love and hate show most incisive. The audience also sent a hundred percent of the enthusiastic response "joy stems are frequent, many drama fans laughed to tears, the perfect proof" Wulongshan Earl "legendary" half a minute applause, a minute a bursting point "wonderful; and the warmth at the inner soft seamless fit so, a lot of the audience moved several times. So personally on the scene into, is happy twist drama stage performances for many years of accumulation, the night is full, and even difficult to get a ticket All seats are occupied., earlier grand, are popular team witness. Shen Teng day held a low-key wedding feast to thank not forget the early heart stage 10 is dedicated to return. On the day of Shen Teng, not only "Wulongshan Earl" tour started at noon that day, Shen Teng and Wang Qi also held the wedding feast to thank. At the beginning of the month when two people in Thailand and the Beijing gotmarried, thanks feast no luxury and extravagance, but to many guests, the atmosphere lively and happy, which shows the popularity of Shen tang. In addition to the circle of friends, the guests of the old friends of the two old students occupy half of the seats. It seems that whether it is love or friendship, Shen Teng are the perfect interpretation of the long love". Coincidentally, the day when the teachers’ day, Shen Teng specially invited two people in the period of the teacher in. The scene, Shen Teng asked both parents and teachers as the main table, and speech expressed my gratitude teacher cultivation, show filial piety and respect for the heart. Simple meal, though.相关的主题文章: