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The driver was stopped illegal passenger stripped off street pee "naked anti law" – Beijing recently, Haikou police launched a new round of traffic regulation. Yesterday morning at 8 am, a man driving electric car ride through the intersection of Xisha road and South Queensland Road, due to the traffic police stopped in the motor lane. But the man refused to cooperate with law enforcement, even after the unsuccessful bugger the clothes off in a public occasion under the "naked anti law", also street pee. Currently, the man has been taken back to the police station area, will be sentenced to administrative detention for more than 5 days or less 10 days of punishment. Reporter Zhang Yewen figure man called police, staged a street naked show yesterday morning 8 am, Haikou traffic police detachment Longhua brigade four squadron commander Xiong Yuan stole the team in Longkun road and Xisha Road intersection on duty, at a time when the morning rush hour, traffic is relatively large. Suddenly, a man driving an electric car appeared in the long Kun Road south of the motor vehicle, the car carrying a person, there are suspected illegal passenger. Law enforcement traffic police stopped the man on the spot. "The first time we asked him to pull over, tell him to a fine of 50 yuan, and wearing a ribbon in 30 minutes in traffic management." Xiong Yuansheng said, when he learned to be punished, man is not cooperate, electric car ride bugger, eventually hit another electric car stopped by police on the spot control. Unexpectedly, the man continued against the law, while the police shouted, while the clothes pants have in nature’s garb and whistling, standing on the roadside. Law enforcement traffic police to see this situation, while calling the area police station phone, while the evacuation of onlookers crowd. Man then came back to the police station for investigation. Claiming that this is the second time to undress in public yesterday afternoon, the reporter saw the man in the blue sky police. It is understood that the man surnamed Xie, 36 years old, Wenchang people, now living in Haikou Qiongshan district. Xiemou is married and has a 9 year old child. After the incident, his wife also came to the police station. "Thanks to the police station when the mougang is not cooperate, refused to wear clothes, the police kicked the door. We put him under control and gave him the idea to work on his clothes." The blue sky police station deputy director Huang Liang said, thanks to a stable mood, to cooperate with the police to be interviewed. According to Xie an account, he by riding electric cars soliciting, was holding a guest to go to China World Trade Center, it was a lot of electric vehicles in the motor vehicle lane, may I wear a raincoat relatively conspicuous, was stopped by traffic police." Xie said that when the police came to pull his arm, and he had surgery before, the arm hit the steel plate, so a very angry. "No, I don’t think so." Xie said that the reason why the public off clothes, is to let the traffic police let him go through such excesses. As for the pee street, Xiemou said: "people have three, not there where urine, urine?" Xiemou said that this is his second public off clothes. As early as last year, Xiemou in Tainan riding electric cars soliciting was stopped by law enforcement officers, he impulsively stripped of its final law enforcement officers in nature’s garb, "tolerance" release. Xiemou think this "modeled on.相关的主题文章: