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As the Dragon’s Den 2010 series 8 is due to be launched, many business owners are keeping a close eye out for particular businesses that attract financial investment from people like Peter Jones & Duncan Bannatyne. The Dragons’ Den TV promises an interesting array of business entrepreneurs providing their business pitch in the first ever economic downturn to Theo Paphitis, James Caan & Deborah Meaden. Duncan Bannatyne Dragons Den Investment Tips In relation to the Dragons’ Den TV (DD), Duncan Bannatyne is recognised as The Serial Entrepreneur. A straight talking no nonsense investor. Duncan has an uncanny knack of identifying a DD pitch with lots of hidden added value. Duncan Bannatyne AKA The Serial Entrepreneur Tip # 1 Be Smart With Your Money It will be interesting to see if during the DD 2010 series, Duncan Bannatyne continues to partner up with the relatively new Investor James Caan. Their joint venture investment partnerships are becoming as widely recognised as those of Theo Paphitis and Deborah Meaden. One thing is certain, this DD series will not be the same unless Duncan Bannatyne and Peter Jones continue to try and outdo one another verbally, and via canny investments. It will be interesting to see if Evan Davis Dragons Den TV host ends up substituting his role for that of referee. Duncan Bannatyne AKA The Serial Entrepreneur Tip # 2 Look After The People When one thinks of Duncan Bannatyne DD you are thinking about one of the original DD TV Business Magnates. Peter Jones is the other original Dragon. DD 2010 is the 8th series of this hugely successful TV series. Duncan Bannatyne AKA The Serial Entrepreneur Tip # 3 Care About Your Product Two other Dragons Theo Paphitis and Deborah Meaden have appeared for several series and they are joined in series 8 once again by James Caan. Duncan Bannatyne AKA The Serial Entrepreneur Tip # 4 Be Smart With Your Money Peter Jones Dragons Den Investment Tips Any fan of the DD is aware that Peter Jones is known for chastising anyone presenting a business pitch while not suitably suited and booted. And yet the DD TV would not be the same unless Peter wore outlandish coloured socks that would make a Sergeant Major weep for his Mommy. Peter Jones AKA The Visionary Tip # 1 Vision-Dream Big Peter Jones is recognised as a business visionary. He is able to grasp investments, especially those relating to technology with an ease his fellow Dragons seem to lack. Like his fellow original Dragon Duncan Bannatyne, Peter made his current fortune after a bout of extreme hardship. He is on record as stating, "my investment business is always looking for new projects." Peter Jones AKA The Visionary Tip # 2 Influence Hopefully DD 2010 will witness more of Peter Jones going it alone, as his associate Dragons like Theo Paphitis, Deborah Meaden, Duncan Bannatyne and James Caan form strategic investor partnerships. Peter Jones AKA The Visionary Tip # 3 Confidence Evan Davis Dragons Den host and economics expert will be aware that many USA Venture Capitalists often only back business entrepreneurs who have previously failed, and lost one or two businesses. This is of course because they will have gained extremely valuable experience from prior business mistakes. Peter Jones AKA The Visionary Tip # 4 Take Action Theo Paphitis Dragons Den Investment Tips Theo Paphitis is a very outspoken, take no prisoners type of investor. He doesn’t appear to suffer fools gladly. Especially when they are delivering a DD pitch to try and get him to part with what’s famously become known as ‘his children’s investment.’ Once involved as an Investor, he believes in getting the business pulling in the same direction through management strategy planning. Theo Paphitis AKA The Retail Expert Tip # 1 Stop Thinking And Start Doing Although he is recognised as the DD TV Retail Expert, he is also known to be a very astute individual investor. Theo Paphitis has been known to make pitch applicants and fellow Dragons cringe by informing aspiring entrepreneurs that he would rather stick pins in his eyes than invest in their business. Theo Paphitis AKA The Retail Expert Tip # 2 Work Out The What If’s Despite his sometimes scathing remarks to an unprepared or day dreamer of a DD pitch applicant, Theo Paphitis seems to be very switched on to nurturing and mentoring those who work with him. Theo Paphitis AKA The Retail Expert Tip # 3 Cash Is All No doubt viewers of DD 2010 will be keen to see if the Team Theo Paphitis and Deborah Meaden alliance continues to compete with Team Duncan Bannatyne and James Caan. If it does, then Theo Paphitis should be very careful of further stealth attacks by the Visionary known as Peter Jones. Theo Paphitis AKA The Retail Expert Tip # 4 Don’t Let Things Stagnate Deborah Meaden Dragons Den Investment Tips For Dragon’s Den 2010 Deborah Meaden first graced the’screen during the third series of DD TV. She is a very astute business woman who began her business career after leaving college. Viewers of the DD will recognise her high levels of confidence. Besides forming strategic investment partnerships with Theo Paphitis she also shares his philosophy of, "stop thinking about it and do it." Deborah Meaden AKA The Marketeer Tip # 1 Create A Business Plan If there were a Black Belt in business marketing, then Deborah Meaden would own it. She is recognised as the Marketeer Guru and her skills and confidence have assisted several DD pitch candidates. Those viewers of the DD 2010 series will no doubt be looking for her confidence being infectious to the aspiring entrepreneurs pitching for investment from the Dragons. From an investor perspective, Deborah Meaden is hard core. She doesn’t tolerate fools, and woe betides anyone pitching before the Dragons who are unprepared, or trying to wing it. Deborah Meaden AKA The Marketeer Tip # 2 Don’t Fool Yourself Deborah Meaden believes you have to do whatever is required to become successful. This deep rooted philosophy stems from her mother, who Deborah describes as being incredibly resourceful. She inherited her mother’s sense of loathing towards self pity. She openly admits to having no time for self pity and believes everyone in business should get on with it, and do it, because no one else will do it for you. Deborah Meaden AKA The Marketeer Tip # 3 Stay Cool Under Pressure Deborah Meaden stands her ground as a successful individual investor but has also pulled a few rabbits out of the hat on DD TV by snatching up a business from under the noses of Team Duncan Bannatyne and James Caan. She has achieved this by forging a very effective investment partnership with Theo Paphitis. Deborah Meaden AKA The Marketeer Tip # 4 Research Your Market Dragons Den James Caan Investment Tips For The Dragons’ Den DD James Caan is recognised as one of the UK’s most experienced investors. During his DD TV career he has publically stated, "investing money and taking risks is part of my character." James Caan AKA The People’s Investor Tip # 1 Observe The Masses And Do The Opposite In the DD James has what’s known as a ‘Card Sharp Tell.’ He massages his beard when a particular business pitch excites him. His background was disclosed as running a global recruitment company. James Caan AKA The People’s Investor Tip # 2 Presentation And Preparation Matter Fans of DD 2010 will no doubt be anxious to see if team James Caan and Duncan Bannatyne continue their investment partnership alliance in order to ward off the competition of the other team, i.e. Theo Paphitis and Deborah Meaden. Other fans of the DD TV series will be looking for him to throw a curved ball and form a strategic alliance with the Visionary Peter Jones. James Caan AKA The People’s Investor Tip # 3 It’s The People Who Make A Business Successful After watching several episodes of DD TV, it is clear that whenever faced with a business pitch, James always appears interested in what is unique about this particular business idea. Like Peter Jones, James is keen on personal presentation. Dr. Mark D. Yates is The British American Security Expert he has 20 years experience delivering his security expertise to numerous governments, Intelligence security agencies & businesses worldwide. 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