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Home-Improvement Heavy machinery and power tools are used for a variety of different reasons. This could be on a construction site, at the roadside or even renovating homes. The proper and correct usage of these tools is not the only thing that must be taken into consideration. Sometimes the clothing you wear is the only thing that will protect you from injury. When operating heavy machinery it is important that the clothing be sturdy and snug-fitting, but it should also allow for .plete freedom of movement. Loose-fitting jackets, scarves, neckties, jewellery, flared or cuffed pants and even unconfined long hair must be avoided at all costs, as these things could be.e entangled in the machine. Overalls with a reinforced cut retardant insert must be worn. Prolonged use of heavy machinery exposes the operator to vibrations that could produce white finger disease (Raynnauds’ phenomenon), which is also known as carpal tunnel syndrome. These conditions reduce the hands ability to feel and regulate temperature. Carpal tunnel syndrome will cause numbness and burning sensations in the hand and may cause nerve and circulation damage and tissue necrosis. This is why it is imperative to protect your hands as much as possible when handling a machine. Heavy-duty, non-slip gloves will improve your grip on the machinery and will also protect your hands at the same time. Anti-vibration systems and heated handles do not guarantee that you will not sustain carpal tunnel syndrome. Therefore, even though you have taken the necessary measures to ensure that your hands are protected, continual and regular users of heavy machinery should monitor the condition of their hands and fingers closely. Should any of the abovementioned carpal tunnel symptoms appear, medical advice must be sought immediately. Good footwear is the most important thing in your chainsaw work. Sturdy boots with non-slip soles must be worn, and steel-toed safety boots are re.mended for the usage of most heavy machinery. To reduce the risk of injury to your eyes, never operate a machine unless you are wearing protective goggles or snugly fitted safety glasses. For some machinery it will specify that you must wear a mask to protect your entire face. The mask will protect your eyes, nose and mouth from the dust created by the use of the machine. There is also additional safety equipment that must be used on site. A safety helmet, or hard hat, is very important, to protect your head. A safety helmet is almost always .pulsory on construction sites, and some machinery labels will specify the use of a hard hat. Heavy machinery can be extremely loud, and in some instances it will be necessary for you to wear ear protectors. This will protect your ears against damage that could be caused by the loud noise. Certain machinery that produces a loud noise when in use will have a label specifying that ear protectors must be worn while in operation. Another piece of safety clothing that is worn is the safety harness. This is not necessary clothing, but it still is something that will be used by the operator no.heless. A harness will be required as a precautionary measure when the person is on ladders or scaffolding. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: