The city of Fuqing floods in the morning glory brother staged save beef-sugus

The city of Fuqing floods in the morning glory brother "staged" save "cattle" morning glory brother "Lin Long in the flooded farmland, a man wearing uniforms chased a raft, carefully rescue trapped cattle. More than 8 points this morning, this scene photos scraper circle of friends of Fuqing citizens. When the inspectors also known as "brother petunia". It happened in the street Xiqiacun yang. "Brother Petunia" called Lin long, 29 years old this year, is a member of the sun Street enforcement squadron. The whole rescue process took about half an hour. Stand in the lifeboat, right hand holding the rope, left hand holding rope cattle, rickety, but fortunately did not fall." Lin Long memories. More than eight in the morning, the villagers saw cattle trapped, and farther and farther, determined to save. Xiqiacun village Party Secretary Lin Qin said, stop to stop, she hurried to the streets on standby in the village under the law enforcement squadron of yang. Law enforcement squadron members with lifeboats three minutes to arrive. Rescue cattle is just a microcosm. From the beginning of 27, Yang Street enforcement squadron is stationed in the village. The investigation of lodging trees in low-lying areas, warning, wire transfer of dangerous people in areas…… 35 players fought for a day and a night.相关的主题文章: