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The child fell 3 downstairs to a group of people with mahjong table cloth catch him red circle "three man grabbed the machine table linen to save" the red circle is a child falling point (pictures from the network) Chongqing evening news October 1st, Wuxi Wenfeng County town road and street intersection 50 meters east of the upstairs tenants occurred breathtaking scene, a 3 year old about the children from the 3 floor window falling, actually unscathed. Yesterday, the Chongqing evening news interviewed Mr. Wang, the witness. Mr. Wang introduced, see children hanging in the 3 building outside the window, may fall, everyone a scream. Wearing a helmet and wearing a plaid shirt and a middle-aged man wearing a striped T-shirt short sleeved young man rushed from the store downstairs borrowed cover mahjong table cloth, a cloth to pull their head up, hold up a barrier between the child and the lower part of the cement ground. At a crucial moment on the occasion, kids fall on the tablecloth. After examination, the child was undamaged. Mr. Wang disclosed that one of the courageous men named Liu Daocai, save the child after a long time, hands and feet are still trembling, rest for a while, complexion was restored. Save the children was 3 years old, father and grandfather are the chef, is married to the mother in the kitchen, but also work overtime. Another witness, Mr. Tan said: "the children are scared in retrospect, All is well., fortunately, to pull Ma machine cloth points chan. Otherwise, a happy family is ruined, and the child’s family doesn’t know what guilt looks like." Chongqing psychologist He Xiaoyan said: "parents need to improve their own security awareness, it is recommended that more than 2 buildings with children’s home installed anti-theft security network, do not put young children alone home."."   小孩掉下3楼 楼下一群人拿麻将桌布接住他 ▲红圈内三人抓起机麻桌布救人 ▲红圈内是小孩掉落点(图片来自网络)   重庆晚报讯 10月1日,巫溪县文峰大道与新镇街交叉口东50米商户楼上发生惊险一幕,一名3岁左右小孩子从3楼窗户坠下,居然毫发无损。   昨日,重庆晚报电话采访了目击者王先生。王先生介绍,看到小孩挂在3楼外窗上随时可能掉下来,大家一片惊叫。一名头戴安全帽和一名身着格子衬衫的中年男子以及一名穿着条纹T恤短袖的年轻男子,赶紧从楼下门市借来盖麻将机的桌布,各自拉起桌布一头举了起来,在小孩下方与水泥地面之间撑起一块屏障。千钧一发之际,小孩掉落到桌布上。经检查,小孩毫发无损。   王先生透露,其中一名见义勇为的男子名叫刘道才,救了孩子以后好一阵子手脚仍在发抖,休息一会面色才恢复如初。被救小孩3岁左右,爸爸和爷爷都是厨师,为结婚的新人帮厨去了,妈妈也在加班。   另一名目击者谭先生说:“回想起来都后怕,小孩平安无事,真是万幸,为拉起机麻桌布的人点赞。不然,一个幸福的家庭就毁了,小孩家人也不知道悲伤内疚成什么样子。”   重庆心理咨询师贺小燕表示:“家长要提高自身安全意识,建议2楼以上有小孩的家庭加装防盗安全网,不要把年幼孩子一个人放家里。”  相关的主题文章: