The Champions League goal – nemesis! The first defeat of Ma Jing 1-0 Bairende BANBA season (video)-beself

The Champions League goal – nemesis! Ma Jing 1-0 Bairende BANBA first season defeat [collection] Atletico 1-0 grams of Bayern Callas shot Callas, September 29th sports Tencent meritorious broke news at 2:45 in the morning, the Champions League group D second round highlight of the Bayern 0-1 defeat away Ma Jing, Ancelotti suffered against Atletico in the Champions League first defeat, defeat the Bayern in the season opener. Thirty-fifth minutes, Callas scored the only goal. Twenty-second minutes, Felipe put Rahm and Boateng in the left rib cut, Martinez timely rescue, but after the corner, Torres header Qiangdian after a point, the ball will be at the top of the post, Bayern escaped. Thirty-fourth minutes, Felipe in the frontcourt zhisai, Torres restricted left side of the ball immediately shot, the ball hit the left side of the net. Thirty-fifth minutes, Atletico back quickly organize qianchangduanqiu, Gregory qiuhou Saltzman suffered three containment, the French clever ball, Callas had the ball in the box before he suddenly took a low shot, the ball hit the ball in the post inside COSCO, 1-0, Ma Jingxian nance. Thirty-eighth minutes, the ball Lavon in the restricted area, Ribery had the ball inside the restricted area before the small foot low shot, the ball just wide of the near post. Forty-third minutes, Alabbar left low ball in front of Lavon to grab shot failed to hit the site, Oblak ball was obtained. Sixty-seventh minutes, Callas shot saved by Neuer, the second half began after both sides played cautious. Seventy-fourth minutes, Gameiro road after a quick break points, after falling down in front of the ball in front of the small area of the ball after the ball in the back of the point, Gameiro, followed by a little head height of the head of the. Seventy-sixth minutes, Ribery left off after savage forced endo shot, the ball hit the Godin high refraction bar, both to speed up the pace. Seventy-seventh minutes, Alonso right in front of the ball, Lavon 5 meters away from the goal of jumping shakes Leipzig ball, a column on the left side, this is the most close to the break shot in Bayern. Eighty-first minutes, Robeiri first fit, Ribery left wing straight after the break before the cock, Vidal homeopathic do to keep up with Robben Road, the left foot low shot, the ball slightly wide of the right post. Eighty-third minutes, Vidal in a small area on the left Felipe down, the referee awarded a penalty, Gregory Saltzman to shoot at the upper right corner, but in France, the European Cup had hit the penalty hit the post of the Boltzmann gregory. Ma Jing quickly organized the two attack, Saul Vidal was down, two people are suffering on the ground. Eighty-ninth minutes, Alabbar inserted from the left ball, Robben left rib header high. Ninetieth minutes, Atletico frontcourt quick free kick, Godin inserted into a small area on the left volley, Martinez timely defuse dangerous situations. 1 minutes later, the door hit the side net gamero injective box. The final Atletico 1 ball victory over Bayern, the Bundesliga BANBA old enemies not reported adds new hate. Data analysis (442): Atletico goalkeeper: 13- defender 20- Juan, Fran Aubrac: 15- Savage, 2- Godin, 3- Felipe, 8- 6- Kirk: midfielder Saul, 14-, Callas, Gaby 10- (21- Gameiro, 71 ‘) striker: 7- (22- Thomas, Glenn Saltzman 92’, Torres (2) 9-)相关的主题文章: