The Brilliant Samsung Galaxy Tab Unveiled

Mobile-Cell-Phone The ever growing Tablet market has a new model in the form of the excellent Galaxy Tab from Samsung. This new models uses the Froyo 2.2 Android operating system, and thus should be a huge hit with the score of users currently using this platform on their mobile device. Upon using the Galaxy Tab for the first time, one thing that strikes you is the speed of the unit. Loading of applications is incredibly fast, and similarly the online experience is equally as good. The high powered processor can take much of the credit for this. The Galaxy features a ARM Cortex A8 chip that is clocked at 1Ghz, ample for this type of device. When online, the excellent range of connection options ensure that wherever you are you can stay in touch with the world around. 3G, GPRS and EDGE are perfect whilst on the go, but if you are at home, work or anywhere in range of an accessible WiFi network, this gives the best results. The web browser itself supports flash files, unlike the iPad, and thus surfing the net feels a more complete experience. At just 12mm in depth, the Galaxy Tab is very slim for a device of its kind, with the width of 120.5mm and the height of 190.1mm being what you would expect for a unit boasting a 7" display. The screen itself is great, with a colour palette of 16 million ensuring stunning images together with the very high 600 x 1024 resolution. The glass is scratch resistant and also supports multi touch, meaning the always favoured "pinch and zoom" method can be used. The size of the tablet means it is perfect for use one handed, and that it is even small enough to slip into a large pocket, whilst the weight of 380 grammes is nearly half that of its rival from Apple. A wide range of media files, be it photo, video or audio can be stored on the Samsung Galaxy Tab. The unit is available in either 16GB or 32GB sizes and is perfect for your audio whilst on the move. Not only do Samsung offer there own store for downloading your favourite tracks, the on board player looks great and is easy to operate. A combination of both your purchased tracks as well as your own CD’s can be transferred to the device, and a 3.5mm headphone jack allows a huge range of headphones to be used with this machine. Video footage is recorded in high clarity 720P resolution, the standard required to be classified as high definition, and there are also two still cameras built in. The front facing camera offers just over a million pixels, not great for everyday photography but perfect for keeping in touch via a video call. The larger rear camera also features a flash and autofocus and can snap at a relatively high resolution of 3.15 million pixels The Galaxy Tab from Samsung seems to have picked up on failing of the Apple iPad and corrected them. The result is not only a stylish device, but one that works exceptionally well and thus should prove a huge success with all manner of consumers. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: