The appearance of the mother found Land Rover or cattle, but the price is too bad overseas – Sohu restorator

The appearance becomes mother Land Rover discovered or cattle, but the overseas price is such a bully – car Sohu earlier that exposed the factory front facelift fifth generation Land Rover found that the original factory formally recently at the Paris auto show world premiere, revealing the true face of Mount Lu, and even published site with about 5800000 Lego blocks, to create a magnificent discovery the bridge shaped stage debut, create a new Guinness World record. At present, a new generation of the original total release of 3 found gasoline and diesel models, with the world premiere time point, and the current domestic previously published in 2009 4 into the rhythm of speculation, a new generation that will have a great chance in the first half of 2017, officially published in china. Land Rover in the fifth generation Discovery facelift will be published in about 5800000 site Lego blocks, build a magnificent bridge shaped stage Discovery stage, create a new Guinness World record. From Discovery Vision, modelling is found God more sharp in fact, as early as the fifth generation that come out of the Land Rover brand primer for combat found God, and a new generation are found to be the same in shape contour are derived from the Discovery Vision concept car, published in 2014 the New York auto show concept works. However, due to the discovery of God took the lead debut, to undertake the second generation of Freelander market position, so that the new generation found in the appearance of the look, with the discovery of God is quite similar to the design style. The discovery of a new generation of modeling, there is no longer the founder of the old line, but instead with the Discovery Vision Concept, found God line similar line design. But compared with the first stage that God, in the appearance of the details, a new generation that actually has a design style more similar to Discovery and Vision concept car, all the more, it can be a sharp headlights and a ladder type front bumper air intake, and body length and breadth of 4970 x 2220 x 1846mm, 2922mm wheelbase size body, plus the top boot design, create a different line of God to find mellow style in the shape context, a new generation of the blood, but with the Discovery Vision concept car is closer to the original. A new generation of that body length and breadth of 4970 x 2220 x 1846mm, wheelbase 2922mm large body size, plus the top boot design, in the other context but with Discovery Vision concept car is more close to the original. Founder, top design and design into the sleek lines in the first exposure of the rear of the car, a new generation found the same in the new design, with important features of family history found since Third, in addition to pay attention to the head space of the founder, top design, the car tail found important as glass roof the lack of. Just under the new concept of Discovery Vision, a new generation of N found in the body of the rear door相关的主题文章: