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The 20 was delivered to the army China trial is equipped with Gun Mystery – Sohu military channel map information: M61 type of cannon F-15, located in the front wing. Data figure: schematic diagram of the F-22 distribution of weapons, including a M61A2 type of cannon (shown in figure). Data figure: F-22 open the door for the stealth gun, firing test. As everyone knows, the fourth generation fighter avionics system generally has good performance, supersonic cruise capability, super maneuverability, and advanced air-to-air missile, can be implemented in long range combat and multi target attack. Use only in the line of sight of the gun in close combat, and has a short range, without the disadvantages of guidance device. According to reports, China’s fourth generation fighter -20 may have been delivered to the army, the army official distance should be so The day is not too distant when things, in the typical fourth generation fighter body, there is need to install a gun? The fourth generation fighter dogfight inevitable according to the U. S. air force estimates based on the actual data simulation of F-22, even with the MIG -29 opponents, F-22 can not be in super distance off all opponents, close combat is still unable to avoid the fourth generation fighter. First of all, from the performance point of view, the fourth generation fighter dogfight inevitable. The air combat simulation shows that if both sides are using the fourth generation fighter, two want to play and have the same ability to find the distance, the two sides may also find each other, can constitute the occupying attack conditions, at the same time will be each other in the distance, launch weapons information and take evasive, coupled with a smaller probability of shot down on the other side, the opposing sides will inevitably enter into close combat. Secondly, from the perspective of the performance of air-to-air missile, the fourth generation fighter dogfight inevitable. Under the condition of modern air combat, the better the maneuverability of the aircraft, the worse the intercept effect of the missile. Such as AIM-120 in the 20 km distance to 5g maneuvering targets with M number 0.9 speed, the missile hit rate theory can be more than 80%, but when the target flight speed of M number 1.5, the same 5g maneuver will make the missile hit rate is close to zero. Therefore, the fourth generation fighter air combat will be in the distance, and air combat dogfight coexist, BVR air combat capability and close combat capability are equally important. In September 2002, the U.S. air force officially changed its name to F F-22 A-22, established the F A-22 will both air to ground and double task, and in the corresponding weapon configuration sequence, gun has become an important weapon of the tactical application in the corresponding subjects can be used for air combat, but also on the attack. The cannon in close combat in play a unique role first, is the condition of low emission. Air-to-air missile launch, whether or after fire, shooting head-on, the minimum distance between aircraft launch and target distance must be greater than air-to-air missiles; air-to-air missile to go through testing, Mount preparation, launch conditions for complex procedures, preparing for a long time; overload not more than a certain number of launching aircraft.相关的主题文章: