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Tao Xinran "rouge" started to send blessings show a small outbreak of the universe – Entertainment Sohu Tao Xinran show Tao Xinran eyes full of tension with a sense of entertainment Sohu directed by Xu Jizhou, Zhao Liying, Lu Yi, Tao Xinran starring in the burning Spy Drama "rouge" will be held on September 27th in East Zhejiang, synchronous premiere two tv. The day before the show in Hangzhou, Shanghai launch conference held, after only a week in Tao Xinran can come, but don’t forget the video VCR for all creative common "children" — "rouge" blessing, agreed in September 27th and Be There Or Be Square fans. It is worth mentioning that, "rouge" Tao Xinran is promoted to the "star mother" after the first and the fans meet the screen masterpiece, is her career in the first challenge spy theme, the drama fans have the strength to speak and to work with the greatest expectations. Tao Xinran played Feng Manna from the top girls after bitter home, to become a burning flame of revenge malicious fierce female agents, but eventually return to the original simple kind, Tao Xinran was quoted as saying that "there are a lot of small flaws, even for experienced life shock and highlights the character, good girl". Because of this, the thrills of gunplay and entanglement of complex inner play in the interpretation of the process of Tao Xinran’s larger proportion, with director Xu Jizhou described in an interview with the "big power figures, mining the relationship between the characters, strengthen character and show the character of fate". According to the ultimate Trailer party released the latest film, Tao Xinran dressed in cool handsome uniforms "puff" Zaishi "Liao Mei Dafa", and heart full play, pressed blue Rouge "from hero to traitor, how to taste" when it is performing firepower, tail brow is play; because the torture suffered physical and mental torture horror, and crying. Let people ganchangcunduan tied during the very dramatic tension, called the small universe outbreak of performance…… The audience have said: Tao Xinran eye movement is a sense of character set is also super flammable, September 27th must be about!"   相关的主题文章: