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Self-Improvement Take the Motor Scooter Today With the recent rise in gas prices, people who previously never gave it a thought are discovering that motor scooters are a great means of transportation. Of course, In Europe and Asia where gas prices have been high for years, gas powered motor scooters are common. They have long been a staple on European and Asian roads and, unlike in America, are a part of the mainstream, local culture. Both in the U.S. and the rest of the world, gas motor scooters have been around for many decades. They are popular because of their fuel-efficiency, relatively small size and weight. And, as an added benefit, motor scooters typically have more storage room than a motorcycle, making them, in some ways more practical for everyday transportation. What exactly is a motor scooter? The motor scooter is a light motor vehicle slightly resembling a scooter, having usually two small wheels with the driver seated over the engine. The driver places his or her feet in front resting on a floorboard. The floorboard continues forward and seamlessly curves upward in front all the way to the handlebars to shield the lower body of the driver somewhat from the elements and provide a bit of protection. In addition to having a floorboard and front sheet metal, you can distinguish them easily from motorcycles because most modern motor scooters have smaller wheels than motorcycles, 12 to 15 inches. Of course, time marches on and both the look and functionality of our technology changes as we move forward. Although many motor scooters still have the styling used on the original motor scooters of decades ago, much of the mechanical configuration has been upgraded on all styles of scooters. They are more fuel efficient, environmentally friendly and usually – more reliable mechanically. When it comes to licensing, in many states, scooters with engines below 50cc are considered "mopeds," like motorized bicycles, and do not require licensing there. However, scooters above 50 cc are usually considered motorcycles for legal purposes. Some jurisdictions have an in-between definition for motorized bike for scooters and motorcycles between 50 and 150 cc. Each state has its own rules and you must check with your them in order to know what’s required. This is easily done over the internet. For many people throughout the world, a motor scooter is the family vehicle until sufficient funds to purchase an automobile are amassed. In crowded cities, except in the US, scooters can be preferred over automobiles (regardless of cost) due to parking, storage, and traffic issues. And no matter where you live, weather permitting, driving a motor scooter is one way to lower the cost of your daily commute. With many scooters getting gas mileage of close to 100mpg, its no surprise that motor scooters sales are skyrocketing. After all, just imagine how good you will feel when you pull up to the gas pump on your gas powered scooter and fill up the tank for less than $5, while the guy next to you, in his huge SUV just paid $100. And, yes, it is possible to acquire a brand new street and freeway legal motor scooter online for under $1000! Written by Alexander Gray. A popular motor scooter is the Bahama 150 Scooter . You can learn more about this scooter at a low price and others by visiting .bahama-150-scooter.buy-q.info . About the Author: 相关的主题文章: