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Taiwan media: China release the two children caused by "hot" Yuesao monthly salary exceeds five digit – Sohu News Reference News Network February 2nd, Taiwan media reported that the two child policy open, related policies have been released, many consumers complain that began last year, the "quality" Yuesao is less and less, the price is as expensive as soaring, ordinary family almost impossible to bear. When the electronic newspaper "Taiwan" website reported on February 1st, the mainland Standards Committee issued the first "housekeeping service of maternal and child living nursing service quality standards", clear standards from one star to five star, gold level six levels, means that domestic service standardization is more important, maternal and child services will be refined into the new era. The need to get a good Yuesao not only time be ranked, but also have plenty of money, especially in the first-tier cities of Beijing, Shanghai, the minimum wage to ten thousand yuan Yuesao jump, often only to service in the end how to determine the company’s standard "unilaterally say". The introduction of policies and regulations, Yuesao age should be between 18 to 55 years old, junior high school degree or above with women, have to adapt to the level of service skills for gold Yuesao is required to obtain senior housekeeper and senior nursing division, intermediate nutritionist qualification certificate (or the same level of the relevant qualification certificate), have more than 48 months of maternal and child life care service experience, and no customer complaints, can be carried out psychological counseling for women, life care and life care of newborns and infants. The introduction of standards implementation, at least on the market for the standard, Yuesao rating system is more clear.

台媒:大陆放开二孩致月嫂“抢手” 月薪超五位数-搜狐新闻  参考消息网2月2日报道台媒称,大陆二孩政策一开放,相关配套政策陆续出炉,去年开始不少消费者抱怨,优质的”月嫂“越来越少,价格也如抢钱般飙升,一般普通家庭几乎无法承担。   台湾《中时电子报》网站2月1日报道称,大陆标准委首次出台《家政服务母婴生活护理服务质量规范》,明确标准从一星级至五星级、金牌级六个等级,意味着家政服务业规范化更为消费者重视,母婴精致化服务将迈向新时代。   以往要请一名好的月嫂不仅时间要排得上,还要有充裕的荷包,特别在一线城市的北京、上海,月嫂的最低薪资都要一万元人民币起跳,服务到底如何判定常常仅以公司标准单方面“说了算”。   出台政策规定,月嫂年龄应在18岁到55岁之间,具有初中以上文化程度的女性,具备与等级相适应的服务技能,对于“金牌月嫂”需取得高级家政服务员、高级育婴师、中级营养配餐员资格证书(或同等级的相关资格证书),具备48个月以上母婴生活护理服务经历,并且无客户投诉,可以对产妇进行心理疏导,对新生儿和婴儿进行生活照料及生活保健等。   有此标准出台落地实施,至少市场上对于的月嫂规范、分级制也更加明确。相关的主题文章: