Suzhou, the end of the land auction prices rose slightly tamiflu

Suzhou, the end of the auction house prices in recent years, with the end of two days of soil shoot, Suzhou prices have entered the era of the 3. So the recent changes in the prices of various regions in Suzhou, how to do it yesterday in the opening of the housing fair, many people have come to consult the purchase of the house, said he would like to take advantage of the soil has just finished shooting, quickly start a suite. A buyers said, see the price of high soil shoot or not, your land, the house is not to rise. The home buyers said that because their families are living in Wuzhong District, plus the price of the park is relatively high, so he intends to start in Wuzhong District to improve housing. But there are also people who said that the auction did not have much impact on their own homes, for future prices, or optimistic attitude. One property buyers said that there is no worry, to look at it, feel the right to change. It is understood that the soil shoot, Suzhou District three residential land floor price at 30 thousand yuan per square meter, the price of the door block is as high as 38745 yuan, the premium rate reached 81%. The highest floor price in Wuzhong District has reached 28964 yuan per square meter. The developer said that the soil around the shoot, the surrounding real estate prices, first opened, may not be affected by the soil took effect, may Dikaigaozou form. In fact, just a month before the shoot, the various regions of Suzhou second-hand housing prices have begun quietly. Housing intermediary said that the relative increase in the city park is a little more, probably between 5% to 10%, like the lake east of this piece, up about 3%. Analysis of the industry, as a result of the four soil this year to sell the land auction, mostly concentrated in Wuzhong District, and the Xiangcheng District high tech Zone, and the land has been the shortage of Suzhou District this all of a sudden transfer of seven plots, resulting in the short term by the pursuit of money, but there has been no transfer of land area affected by this. Also appeared with the rise, but the rate is relatively small. Expert analysis, the impact of the property market in the short term has not yet appeared, the public should also be fully aware of the market, rational purchase. Experts said that if people need to live in the house, I think you can still buy, because the government’s preferential policies have not changed, but for the improvement or investment, the individual may wish to stop waiting, etc..相关的主题文章: