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Summer and turn what to eat? 10 kinds of food can prevent colds — food channel — original title: summer and turn what to eat? 10 kinds of food can prevent colds every summer at the turn of the season, adapt to seasonal changes can not be a good many people, so it is easy to cause the occurrence of cold. In the fall of the time, what method can effectively prevent colds? Today, we want to inventory is a diet to prevent colds, a look at what food can help you prevent a cold bar. Fall prevention cold food: onion onion meat fat, rich in nutrition. With divergent cold effect, because the onion bulbs and leaves contain volatile oils allylsulfides, with spicy, this material can withstand cold, flu virus, has strong sterilization effect. Contained in the onion allicin has a strong bactericidal effect, raw onion chewing helps prevent colds. Ginger: ginger fleshy flat flat, spicy taste. Ginger juice is warm, warm stomach to cold, cold for typhoid fever. Cold chills and fever, cold sweating helps spicy ginger. There is a Welsh onion: onion spicy and unique, a sulfide — from it in onions, can stimulate gastric secretion of saliva. The Welsh onion in malic acid and sugar phosphate can be excited nerve, improve blood circulation, clearing heat and detoxification. Onion spicy, warm, has published Yang, seasoning detoxification effect. A major role in the cold, fever, headache and nasal obstruction. Allicin and onion with bactericidal antibacterial effect, anti viral. Garlic: garlic is not only what we know can antioxidant, anti-aging beauty, it can also prevent colds. The sulfide contained in garlic has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, and a variety of bacteria, fungi, bacteria, viruses are inhibited and killed. Among them, called allylsulfides capsaicin, has good killing effect on pathogenic bacteria and parasites can prevent colds and relieve nasal congestion and other symptoms have a fever. Don’t underestimate our lives of these spices, little they can play a big role. If you don’t catch a cold, eat onions and garlic. Green Tea: Green Tea not only refreshing, pure mouthguard Mingmu contains antioxidant, helps to enhance the body’s immune function, resistance to viruses and bacteria invasion. In a new study published in a journal in the United States, people who were given a special green tea capsule had a 23% lower risk of developing the common cold and flu, and a reduction of the disease rate by as much as $36%. The researchers also produced more immune cells against bacteria and viruses. So, we might as well a cup of green tea every day, to prevent colds will play a very good role. Citrus: vitamin C has antioxidant and enhance the effectiveness of the body’s immune system, if the daily intake of a large number of cold patients with vitamin C, can reduce cold symptoms, shorten the course of disease. Citrus can Shengjinzhike, Liyan cough and vitamin C every day, just eating a citrus can satisfy the human body a day for vitamin C, is high quality and inexpensive anti cold weapons. Lean meat: lean meat, poultry, fish and shellfish foods contain high quality protein and rich in calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc and other nutrients. The iron element is easily absorbed by the human body, if a person相关的主题文章: