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Finance In today’s rocky residential market it’s an excellent idea to get expert advice on how to navigate the process of buying or selling your home. Here are some insider tips & answers to your real-estate questions. The first question .es from Eric in Spring Hill, TN. He writes. "We are putting our home on the market soon & want to know if we can use the recent appraisal we received when we refinanced our house to help us determine the asking price?" Well that sounds such as a reasonable idea, because an appraisal should be just that skylark Ithaca an appraisal. But in all sincerity a refinance appraisal is not the same as a purchase appraisal because the risk is not the same from the bank’s standpoint. The person has been there for at least a year if not longer & the appraiser doesn’t look at it with the same scrutiny. So even though it’s an excellent place to start, don’t count on that being the houses value in today’s market. For Details of skylark Ithaca call @ 8971315026 I learned that the hard way from my own experience. I’ve sold some house of my own this year & I had received appraisals on them last year they didn’t sell for what they appraised for last year. Appraisals are an excellent place to start, but don’t think that’s the value especially if that appraisal is a couple of years old. Tara from Nashville, TN writes in & asks. "Several homes we have seen advertised for sale mention in the remarks, "owner/agent" why is that?" It’s simply a requirement from the property .mission that we have to disclose that we are an agent if we are selling our home. The theory there is that we may have an unfair advantage over the consumer because we have more knowledge about property than someone else. It doesn’t mean anything more than that; just a simple disclosure is all that is. Johnny & Rebecca from Franklin, TN write in & asked. For pre launch offer of skylark Ithaca Bangalore call @ 8971315026 "We have been told that if we do a short sale on our home that we will never be able to buy another home, is that true?" Again, it seems like that might be the situation; once you default on your home you wouldn’t be able to buy another one. However the truth is that within a couple of years of closing on a short sale, you can buy you another home. Just recently we had to delay a closing by one week for a couple because they had to wait until the anniversary date of the two-year term since their short sale. So it’s pretty amazing that someone could buy a home after only years since letting one go and having the bank eat the difference. For The Bookings of Skylark Ithaca call @ 8971315026 About the Author: 相关的主题文章: