South Korean prosecutors summoned to survey large company president Park Geun hye whether forced don-bree daniels

South Korean prosecutors summoned to survey whether big business President Park Geun hye forced donation – Beijing, Beijing, November 13, according to Yonhap news agency, responsible for the investigation and prosecution of "presidential cronies politics" special investigation department from 12 onwards, a large number of enterprises have summoned president last July and President Park Geun hye a separate interview survey. The prosecution of the special investigation department said 13 people, from 12 pm to day morning, President Zheng Mengjiu has summoned the modern automobile, Hanwha Group Chairman Jin Shengyuan, chairman of the SUPEX SK group seeking agreement with President Jin Changgen on the issue of individual interviews conducted a survey. It is reported that the prosecution for the three president focused on the purpose of questioning and specific content. After the prosecution, or in 13, vice president of Samsung Electronics was summoned to attend the meeting and LG Group Chairman Lee? The mao. Last July 24th, President Pu Jinhui invited the 17 groups to Chong Wa Dae for lunch and discussion, when Pu Jinhui said "I hope to set up a fund to support large enterprises in the formal events on the Korean wave diffusion". 24 to 25, Pu Jinhui and Chong Wa Dae in addition to a large part of the outside part of the president of a separate interview. Reported that, although the specific content has not been informed of the interview, but there is speculation that the financial sector may request the park to provide specific help for the establishment of the Mir consortium and the consortium of K sports. The Mir consortium and K sports consortium is a number of big companies in South Korea invested a total of 80 billion won (about 480 million yuan) the establishment of the foundation, Pu Jinhui cronies politics door protagonist Cui Shunshi was accused of the two foundations of privatization.相关的主题文章: