South African overseas Chinese held a party to celebrate the 67 anniversary of the founding of new C

Overseas Chinese in South Africa to hold a party to celebrate the 67 anniversary of the establishment of the new China (Figure) – Beijing Beijing in September 26 Johannesburg Xinhua (reporter Song Fangcan) the evening of September 25th, overseas Chinese in South Africa held a grand gala in Johannesburg palace recreation center, the 67 anniversary of the establishment of People’s Republic of China to celebrate. Chinese ambassador to South Africa Tian Xuejun attended the event and delivered a speech, the ambassador’s wife Georgie counsellor and Consul General China, Consul General in Johannesburg Ruan Ping Tabane, Chief Secretary of the Ministry of education in South Africa, Johannesburg, the new mayor Mashaba, head of Chinese funded institutions, overseas Chinese and South Africa are the majority of overseas Chinese representatives of more than 1 thousand people attended the party. This year’s South African overseas Chinese National Day party hosted by the South African Association of Chinese entrepreneurs. President Zheng Xingli said in his speech, the National Day evening party was held in the care and support of Chinese Embassy in South Africa, the Consulate General in Johannesburg, the Chinese community and Chinese funded institutions common preparation and participation, embodies the wisdom and strength of the collective trip to the south of overseas Chinese, overseas Chinese is the unity of cohesion. The majority of overseas Chinese held a grand celebration is to express love the motherland and the Chinese nation’s patriotic spirit, carry forward the fine tradition of the Chinese nation, a magnificent performance in praise of the construction and development of our country, depiction of the harmonious overseas Chinese and happy home vision, devote themselves to the great cause of rejuvenating the Chinese nation, to realize the determination and confidence the expression of Chinese dream. He also said, "one achievement Renaissance build beautiful homes overseas," is the theme of the evening party, but also for the vast number of overseas Chinese together with the wishes of the truth. Chinese ambassador to South Africa Tian Xuejun attended the event and delivered a speech. Song Fangcan, Ambassador Tian Xuejun said in his speech, the new China has gone through 67 years of glorious history. In 67 years, Chinese Communist Party led the people of all ethnic groups successfully opened up a path of socialism Chinese characteristics suited to China’s national conditions, has created a "Chinese miracle", wrote the magnificent epic of Chinese nation unremitting self-improvement. Today, China has become the world’s second largest economy, the largest trade in goods, the country’s top third foreign direct investment, the per capita GDP of nearly $8000. From poverty to food and clothing to the overall well-off, people’s living standards to achieve a historic leap, the country’s overall strength has increased significantly, the international status and influence significantly improved. Not long ago, we successfully held the twenty G20 summit in Hangzhou, this is the history of the G20 in most countries, the most representative of the next summit, G20 summit also is the most fruitful session, we once again to promote the development of the world economy, improve global economic governance and contribute to promote the sustainable development of "Chinese wisdom" proposed "Chinese scheme", left a distinctive mark "Chinese". Tian Xuejun said, in December last year, President Xi Jinping paid a state visit to South Africa and President Zuma co chaired the FOCAC Johannesburg summit, summit and visit a great success, and achieved fruitful results, opened a new era in South Africa, win-win cooperation and common development, has important significance in the south, milepost of Sino African relations development process in. This year is the outcome of the visit and Summit相关的主题文章: