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So the eye becomes disfigured! The correct usage here — fashion — original title: the original so that the cream becomes disfigured! Right here now, women are increasingly willing to give their face investment, hundreds of thousands of pieces of skin care product to buy is unambiguous. This includes the eye cream. As a part of the facial skin care is a technical content, its usage naturally great knowledge. However, many people can insist on every day is not easy to use, naturally not pay attention to the technique. However, the use of the wrong eye cream to spend the money is small, the more the more old just terrible good! After 25 years of age to use eye cream? I do not know this argument from when to become popular, but if you are 20 years old long lines, but also to wait until the 25? Believe me, 18 years of age began in the loss of collagen, the age of 18 years old with you at the age of 18 or so oh! As well as some expressive eyes girl, may require earlier oh! Therefore, the eye cream to be used at the age of 18~20 oh! Too lazy to paint the cream on the face with a little cream to the eye?! Why 15ml cream can be sold to cream 50ml or even higher prices? This is a technical content of the good? The distribution of the skin glands in the eye is at least the same as that in other parts of the skin, so it is necessary to have a better product with smaller molecular permeability. In other words, when you use eye cream when the cream, there is nothing to use eggs. If you are a nouveau riche, eye cream can also wipe the neck…… Only in the place where there are fine lines painted eye cream is the fastest aging eyes, but in fact the first relaxation of the eye is the upper eyelid and the lower part of the eye. If in order to save the amount or do not do lazy ring massage, then painted eye cream will make your skin becomes more fragile skin. Only in the evening with eye cream? Some people think it is a waste of skin care products to go out during the day, in fact, more important during the day, while the night is to repair the main. Therefore, the evening is suitable for the use of a slightly thicker functional eye cream in the morning for easy absorption of light water. Of course, there are also differences in season and skin. Different kinds of massage? Chopsticks and forks are the same, the way the hand is also different, not to mention a very fine eye cream. Massage this step, is to promote the absorption of lymph circulation, some brands have a unique style, and the different effect of eye cream practices are not the same, such as anti wrinkle and pull type of eye cream should have some strength, while moisturizing cream is absorbed along the press. Eye cream also did not see the bags under the eyes of the black eye is gone, this product is not good! Want a short duration of time had to solve your eye problems accumulated for many years, it is not possible. In general, the eye cream useful to you, in conjunction with the correct approach and dosage of the case, a week to see the eyes of the skin has become compact, dark sink to get some improvement. Wait for my corner of the eye to spend the money! Then you wait ~ ~ see the right way to see the eye cream so many problems, you should learn to use the correct! Spend big price to buy a good eye cream, but like cream painted like paste in the eyes, do you think it will work? Correct)相关的主题文章: