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The "separation" middle education anxiety: struggling in a "suspended" state of the middle small "separation" stills from the recent hit high domestic drama "small separation" received widespread attention and discussion for social focus on children’s education, study abroad, although still can’t avoid feelings of family drama, but "little womanishly fussy small household affairs. The separation" and "dwelling", precisely the stamp to the era of the pain point, the audience’s pain points: the house and children, is a city in the middle most vital interests and concerns, which constitutes the basis of this class and identity, and is also the source of their anxiety. As the other three kinds of family economic conditions and living conditions of the "low quality" physical worker, the attitude towards the children’s education is almost unanimous. In short, is to focus on the advantages of resources to focus on training a child’s strategy, this strategy has become the mainstream in the process of city population, and China changes over the past thirty years of economic development policy and the concomitant. Since the last century since the beginning of 80s the full implementation of the policy of family planning, population control, and improve population quality "slogan as a kind of new life and political governance (biopolitical governmentality) was proposed for the first time. With the transition from planned economy to market economy, the quality of the population, or the cultivation of talents, has become an important support for economic development. From the perspective of political life, the people themselves, to become the first new frontier of capital accumulation, and market economy also provides a new way of organization population, according to the different people in the market activity participation and the way they give differentiated treatment. As anthropologist and Chinese research scholar Ann Anagnost pointed out, in the new historical conditions, the quality of the population by a backward and development in the context of the overall quality of the mass of the referent, gradually transformed into a segment of the quality of individual and social discourse, it constructs the social stratum differentiation gradually the boundary, shape the emerging city middle body. In other words, "this shows little parting" at the cost of investment in education and the "tiger mother" type "cruel form plan" itself is a class with attributes of life practice, its goal is to cultivate high-quality, highly educated white-collar workers. In contrast, is (part of) the rural population and migrant workers "living backyard" mode, the so-called "low quality" of the training mode of the laborers is regarded as a dangerous city in the middle of the other, a large number of so-called "low quality" of the rural population to the city flow, constitute one of the main concerns their. During the Olympic Games on the Internet and social media on the gymnast Shang Chunsong and his family’s discussion, can also be seen as the two groups, the conflict between the survival of the outbreak of the two strategies. By comparing Shang Chunsong and Fu Yuanhui also won the bronze medal, some people come to the conclusion that, for the love and care in the city of Fu Yuanhui grew up under the one-child parents, so long a not bullied face, and walked out of the mountains of the Shang Chunsong is the original family "prey", live frugally for disabled brother to buy a house, it will be in the.相关的主题文章: