Sino Russian military exercises at sea is the most important subject open the new submarine China de

Sino Russian military exercises at sea is the most important subject: open the new submarine China debut map: Sino Russian joint naval exercises original title: watch Russia joint maritime 2016 military exercises joint anti submarine exercises in September 16th, Chinese Navy shipboard helicopter rescue personnel in distress merchant drowning. The same day, China and Russia joint maritime -2016 military exercises held in Zhanjiang in the East China Sea airspace joint action drills. The drill guide and take a flexible way to test in both the training level and tactical ability. During the exercise, the two sides on the Sino Russian joint special command information system for the first time, to grasp the "battlefield", and then quickly and decisively set operational decision, well-organized offensive action, to test the effect of exercise. The sky was overcast, the sea was covered with mist. 17, 2009, to participate in the Sino Russian joint maritime -2016 military exercises on both sides of the ship, Guangdong, east of the sea is full of unknown dangers to the east of Zhanjiang. Third days of maritime military exercises, the two sides participating ships at the red and blue "back to back" confrontation, organization of the joint anti submarine exercises. Is an important subject of tactical anti submarine, surface ship force, is the most representative of naval power and the level of training subjects. From different countries of the naval vessels, only based on highly strategic mutual trust, will conduct joint anti submarine exercises. The two red fleet, by the Russian navy ships participating in mixed into 1 missile destroyers, 2 large anti submarine, 3 missile frigate, the number of anti submarine helicopters and related auxiliary ships, their opponents are 2 conventional submarines sent blue. 14 PM, the first red fleet into the exercise area, the ship commenced seawater measurement. Missile destroyer Guangzhou ship anti submarine Wang Zhilong told reporters that the surface ships and shipboard helicopter search submarine sonar is main means, while the water temperature, flow and other factors will affect the sonar detection effect must be calibrated before use. Helicopter landing deployment." Not long, straight -9C anti submarine helicopters Guangzhou ship carrying off, set off a huge blast in the flight deck. The Chinese missile frigate Mount Huangshan ship, "the Russian admiral Terry boots, large-scale anti submarine antisubmarine helicopters have also launched a partitioned search. Compared with surface ships, the helicopter has the advantages of high speed, large range and high efficiency. At the same time, the red two ship formation antisubmarine formation respectively form, take open in Antisubmarine maneuver, sonar submarine threat area search, the ship aft left a long track "Z" figure…… Sonar, divided into two kinds of active and passive. Active sonar is through acoustic emission, echo detection, and passive sonar only passive voice to identify target. "Different sounds will be displayed on the screen by the corresponding color." Wang Zhilong said that the intelligence degree of sonar is very high, can distinguish between different levels of risk according to the echo energy, supplemented by a variety of colors. But where you need to carefully check, where the need for change, still need to rely on people to judge. A little bit of time in the past, the ship search area continues to expand, but the blue side of the submarine is still no trace of traces, at any time may launch attacks. The ginseng.相关的主题文章: