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Silver suspect impression: a night of silence "black" and active Internet layout – Sohu news about 2013, the net is called "Lin" who apply for Li Hua core is WeChat friends, the picture is a black and white crane. Li Huaxin after watching "Lin" circle of friends, found a black and white, bare chested, raised his hands to show muscle man photos, "very attractive, about more than and 30 years old". Li Huaxin thought that the man’s face is like Wang Xingang — 80s movie "bosom friend" actor. But she could not remember know this person, "Lin carefully deleted". Did not expect the friend to apply again, postscript reads: "plum flower core, you are not authentic, add and delete me." She passed the application, only to know that he was more than 20 years of high school students did not see Gao Chengyong. At that time, she did not think, 3 years later in August 26, 2016, Gao Chengyong was arrested, he was from May 1988 to February 2002 in Gansu Province, Inner Mongolia Baotou silver 11, rape murder suspect killed 11 people. That Gao Chengyong was arrested the next morning, Lee took his own core built 3 years of students complete dissolution of WeChat group. "Black" college entrance examination in 1984, 20 year old Gao Chengyong did not go to college, decided to repeat a year in Qingcheng middle school. At his home in Yuzhong County of Lanzhou City, Green Town Village, Chuan Zhen Qing town and Baiyin district water across the Yellow River and hope that the former here is the ancient Silk Road port and Trade Center, Tang and Song dynasties of yuan and Ming Dynasty frontier military town. Came to the Yellow River from Baiyin, cross the bridge is qingcheng. Surging news reporter Gao Chengyong Yuyanitu adobe house was hidden in between two neighbor walls, two walls out of a narrow "corridor", after school, high Chengyong from the street corner, across a long lane, through this "corridor", as is the head of the courtyard, the door is the spacious courtyard of the home, a few species of jujube trees. There used to be Gao Chengyong’s parents, five sisters and two twin brothers, the youngest boy in his family. Four sister 67 year old high Lanxiu older than my brother 15 years old, she had the impression that the youngest brother in his family pet, their father grumpy, mother nature is strong, work neatly. My father sometimes called the mother, the children play too late, my father would spit in their head, smiled and scolded. Little brother is training, because he doesn’t like to talk, even if he is not training by sophistry. Gao Chengyong does not love the students in the middle school is not humble, to the girl students, such as Li Huaxin and feel like this, and so on, and so on, and so on. They are enrolled in the 85 class of high school, which is from the junior high school in the class of 6 out of a high school class. The overall performance of the class is very good, is the best performance of the young college entrance examination classes, a total of seven or eight college students, as well as the Beijing Normal University. Gao Chengyong is the first to repeat. Li Huaxin remember, the class a total of three repeat students, in addition to Gao Chengyong, another person is her primary school when the monitor, looks good. The remaining one like Gao Chengyong, "jjyy". There are more than and 30 boys and more than and 10 girls in their class相关的主题文章: