Sichuan police officers around the memory of the revolutionary martyrs; to become a new genera-tataufo

Sichuan police officers around the   memory of the revolutionary martyrs; to become a new generation of revolutionary successor – Sichuan Channel – September 30 Chengdu Xinhua (Hong Zhu) on the 30 day, we ushered in the third anniversary of martyrs. Today, the reporter learned from the Sichuan Armed Police Corps, to carry out a number of activities at the National Memorial Day armed police officers and soldiers, memorial of martyrs, inheritance of patriotic spirit. It is reported that Chengdu police officers and soldiers stationed in the organization of the Corps, to the Chengdu revolutionary martyr memorial hall in 2016? In Sichuan province and Chengdu City Martyrs Memorial activities". The soldiers through to the martyrs wreath, hats off, to pay tribute to the Martyrs Monument, memorial, the memory of martyrs. By participating in the memorial activities, let the soldiers touch state of the vicissitudes of history, but also let them learn the spirit of nutrition from the revolutionary martyrs there is warning them to remember the history, forget the past, cherish peace and the army to serve the country’s firm belief. In addition to corps organizations to participate in the memorial activities in Sichuan, Ganzi, ABA, Dazhou and other places, the officers and men of the detachment through long march Memorial visit and listen to the story of the revolution, to relive the party oath, to express grief herosouls flowers etc.. The memorial activities, the officers and men have said, will inherit martyrs will maintain peace and stability in the country, will bear in mind the mission, based on their own posts, to become a new generation of descendants of the revolution. Share to: (commissioning editor: Yuan Hanling, Gao Hongxia) 四川各地武警官兵缅怀革命先烈 争做新一代革命传人–四川频道–人民网 人民网成都9月30日电 (朱虹)30日,我们迎来了第三个烈士纪念日。今日,记者从武警四川总队获悉,在国家公祭日当天武警官兵们开展多项活动,祭奠革命先烈,传承爱国精神。 据悉,驻守成都的武警官兵们在总队的组织下,前往成都革命烈士纪念馆参加“2016?四川省暨成都市公祭烈士活动”。官兵们通过向革命先烈敬献花圈、脱帽默哀、瞻仰烈士纪念碑等方式祭奠、缅怀革命先烈。通过参加祭奠活动,让官兵们触摸国家的沧桑历史,也是让他们从革命先烈那里汲取精神营养,更是警示他们牢记历史、不忘过去,坚定珍爱和平、强军报国的信念。 除了总队组织参加的公祭活动外,在四川甘孜、阿坝、达州等地,各支队官兵们也通过参观长征纪念馆、聆听革命故事、重温入党誓词、向英灵们献花等方式表达哀思。通过祭奠活动,官兵们纷纷表示,将会传承先烈们的意志,维护国家的和平稳定,会牢记使命担当,立足本职岗位,争做新一代的革命传人。 分享到: (责编:袁菡苓、高红霞)相关的主题文章: