Shandong Yantai seniors fashion (Figure) – Beijing

Shandong Yantai seniors fashion (Figure) – Beijing, Beijing, Yantai, October 9, (Zhang Yulei) 9, a Yantai city green home district of Wang Qiyao old man holding a magnifying glass, carefully check the operation of the oven keyboard, he is the grandson of baking cake. This year, 63 year old Wang Qiyao retired to concentrate on home with grandchildren, cooking for the family. Grandson likes to eat cake, but Wang Qiyao afraid of the cake on the market with additives, to buy the oven to learn their own cake. He also learned to use intelligent mobile phone, mobile phone according to the recipe APP learning scientific diet. In his spare time, he turned on his cell phone to browse the news and watch TV shows. The 9 day is a traditional festival for the elderly — Chinese festival. The Yantai seniors daily life is quietly to fashion changes, they enjoy the pleasure of fashion. At present, more and more people choose to travel. In addition to a number of well-known domestic attractions, Seoul, Inchon and other cities near the South Korean city of Yantai also attracted many elderly people to. They will be very careful in reckoning ", just like young people with a mobile phone group purchase way of hotel reservations, car rental. Yantai Nanshan international travel service staff said that in recent years, the elderly gradually become the main force in the off-season tourism". Although the National Day holiday has been here, Zhaoyuan gold town, Yantai Agricultural Expo, Laizhou Yunfeng mountain and other scenic spots have launched "mountain fitness" and "health" as the theme of the elderly travel activities. At the same time, some of the old fashion also walked into the gym, outdoor riding, running marathons, etc.. It is reported that the elderly population in Yantai about 1500000. As of the first half of this year, the total number of pension institutions in Yantai reached 251, the total number of more than 50 thousand beds, home-based care services network information platform for elderly exceeded 200 thousand people. Yantai has also established a 3 billion 500 million yuan pension fund industry to guide the development of pension services. (end)相关的主题文章: