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Travel-and-Leisure Rental Car Discounts Rental cars are affordable with the tons of discounts and promotional offers that can be taken advantage of by the consumer. Just call up a rental car .pany, or look on the Internet and you are bound to find discounts of some kind with each business. Discounts .e with in all different types with different guidelines for the discount. Some rental cars are discounted if they are rented weekly; some are discounted for weekend rentals. Discount coupons and information can be found at the .pany office, in magazines and newspapers, and online as well. Many times discounts can be found for rentals of a short rent time, or the hourly rentals. Travel agencies sometimes offer rental cars in travel package plans. If a travel package meets your travel needs this is the best way to go because the rental car will most likely be majorly discounted in the travel package. Luxury Rental Cars Is a rental car in the future plans of your vacation or business trip this travel year?If so, the first thing to decide is what kind of car you will need and what kind of vehicle you will need to rent. Luxury rentals are among the thousands and thousands of different choices in rental cars to choose from. High-end luxury cars and even specialty cars can be the highlight of a vacation. For example there are theme cars available for rental that look like the ones from the movies of batman, there are nostalgic cars from the 50’s and 60’s, new kinds of electric cars to experience, and much more. The Internet will provide a lot of information about the finer rental cars and their details, which also can be rented right online as well. If the car fits your vacation, why not go all the way and rent a limousine or luxury vehicle to make your time with family and friends extra special. Car Rental Information It is important to gather as much car rental information as possible before renting a car. Learning a few car rental tips is a good beginning in going about the process. Deciding what kind of vehicle you will need is a key decision in your car rental plan. Saving gas is usually a priority on most people’s lists so you may want to go with a .muter car. If you are traveling with a lot of people or children you may want to rent a larger SUV type vehicle so there is enough room. Look around for discounts on car rentals on the Internet, or go to the different car rental .panies and ask for promotions they may have so you can get the best deal. Know what your own car insurance will cover, if it will cover rental cars, and decide what type of insurance you will use. Inspect the car when you get it so you know if there is any existing damage and let the representative know about it. It is also important to make sure that you know what the final cost for renting the car will be after insurance and other fees so that you can be sure it will fit into your budget. Cheap Car Rentals When looking for information about renting a car, cheap car rentals can be found in abundance. All the rental .panies say they have the best prices. Figure out the budget for your trip so you know you can fit the rental in and then check out some deals. If you go straight to a car rental .pany to get rental information it will insures less confusion on the customers part. On the Internet there is a large presence of travel agencies and car rental .panies offering car rental promotional discounts that are easy to find. The average price for a rental car is about 40 dollars a day through a major car rental .pany. If you look at some of the prices on the Internet it you will be astounded by the price difference. Some .panies have car rental as cheap as 18 dollars a day and lower. There are usually smaller additional costs like gas and insurance that are either included with the final price, or added to the rental price. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: