Restriction of credit is the property market, hunger marketing-denka

Purchase credit limit is the property of "hunger marketing" the sina finance opinion leader (WeChat public kopleader) columnist Jiang Rushan if the currency bubble swarmed into each big city real estate market, after a period of time will be like? Generally speaking, if the real estate market crash, it means that the national economy is facing a "crowning calamity"; try to think: if land development greatly exceeded the city productivity level, there will be many "dead city" in the future? Purchase credit limit is the property of "hunger marketing" in recent years, the real estate market Chinese presents two big Guaixiang: one is the purchase of the policy has the effect of "hunger marketing, real estate market hot rolling; two is in the housing sales price upside at the same time, housing rental price was muffled" down, "Wang Pu posted leasing" signs abound in high streets and back lanes. These two phenomena enough to confirm: China’s macroeconomic operation has been deep in the sick run. September 18th, the Hangzhou municipal government issued the implementation of the restriction policy in some areas of Hangzhou before and after the direct instigation of the rapid rise in prices straight Hangzhou. This provision appears to set the purchase threshold, but in fact hinted: "panic buying channels reserved in the urban areas within the scope of the purchase of suspension to have 1 or more housing and non city residence households purchase housing sale housing, including new and second-hand housing, the household registration in the city residents is not in the purchase the column". From today (September 26th), the Nanjing municipal government has also begun to implement the main city housing restriction measures, the restart of the purchase of Nanjing, Nanjing cancel the purchase of just two years from September 22, 2014. According to Nanjing online real estate data show that as of September 25th, Nanjing this year, the volume of new homes reached 105 thousand and 600 units, more than three months ahead of the annual turnover of more than 105 thousand units in 2015. Second hand housing transactions are also hot, up to 116 thousand and 600 sets of turnover. Nanjing’s new homes and second-hand housing turnover hit a record high over the same period. In my opinion, this restriction policy is more like a supermarket business promotion once, artificially stimulated people’s desire for consumption. In this regard, the economist Ma Guangyuan wrote: the day before the purchase of Hangzhou policy, triggered a panic panic buying. As at 24 o’clock on September 18th, Hangzhou new houses and second-hand housing a total turnover of 5105 units, of which the new home of the 3265 sets of second-hand housing units, a record high of 1840. Even developers holding POS machines, rushed to Shanghai to allow customers to swipe. Every time the purchase order, almost all evolved into the gun up and continue to panic buying, introduced this year, the purchase of the city, almost all so. From the first-tier cities Shanghai and Shenzhen in March to purchase, then Xiamen, Wuhan and other second tier city, outside of the interpretation of the purchase of seems to have reached a consensus: must get the house before the purchase. From the National Bureau of statistics released in August 70 large and medium cities in the real estate data, indeed. Every purchase of the policy is not only to cool the market, has become a tool to boost prices rise again, buyers and reverse policy game, real estate policy into a real "Tacitus trap". As is known to all相关的主题文章: