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Vacation-Rentals A refreshing vacation in Kerala can not only benefit you health-wise but also afford you a great chance to take away Gods Own Crafts made in metal, bamboo, plastic, mirror and wood. Each one is exquisite in design and appearance that .es with quite affordable price tags. Handicrafts, textiles, antiques and jewellery you will love to buy something for your dear ones back home. Unlike most of India, prices here are fair and no need to go hassling over the cost. Metal crafts hold a pride of place in Kerala handicrafts. An old time industrial craft is the bell metal casting. Copper, bronze and brass are used for making idols (in temples) and domestic utensils. The famous Aranmula Kannadi or the metal mirror is made of an alloy of copper and tin. Made in a place called Aranmula in Alleppey district, this extraordinary beautiful hand-made and patent- protected metal mirror is believed to bring luck, wealth, and prosperity to the owner. But the production is limited and demand so huge it is always in short supply. Keralatrourntravel people will however secure one for their valued clients. The State being a premier tourism destination in India, Kerala Government has promoted Kairali handicarafts and handlooms that churn out amazing variety of handicrafts in wood, horn, metal mirrors, brass lamps, coir mats, handloom fabrics and gold jewellery in exquisite designs. For a good selection of the range of crafts available in Kerala, start with the main Handicrafts emporia in Trivandrum or Cochin. Here you will find intricate rosewood and sandal wood carvings, brass and ‘bell metal’ lamps and other decorative objects besides a myriad of interesting and useful things made from coconut-shell, coir, cane, bamboo and straw. Amongst Indian Khadi (handspun and handwoven) and handloom textiles, Kerala’s unique fabrics are especially fine Textiles. Coir products, woven from coconut husk fiber, are Kerala specialties are another attraction. The stuff you pay 100 Euro you could buy at 1 Euro here. There are 12 such big Kairali stores spread over Kerala. The gifts you buy here are genuine and have the stamp of governmental approval. More importantly, you can rely on the price tag as it is not privately-priced but decided by experts who estimate the cost of production in an honest and scientific way and price them. A vacation to feed your body and mind, a vacation to learn and expand your mind, a vacation to relax and the rigor of your work place, a vacation to gain a beautiful gift at cheap rate. When all this is toted up, you get a KERALA VACATION. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: