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Writing-and-Speaking Raised garden beds are a wonderful way to plant your garden! You can have a successful crop virtually anywhere! There are so many advantages of gardening in raised garden beds that include being able to plant a garden where soil conditions are poor and where space is limited, the raised aspect of the bed provides easier garden maintenance for weeding and harvesting produce, square foot gardening made easy, and better soil drainage for excellent root structures resulting in healthier more productive plants. It has been studied that a raised garden beds can produce up to 2x more than a conventional garden because of these factors! You can build you own raised garden beds right now with some material and few easy steps. First, you need to determine the area where you desire the garden bed to be. Be conscious of how much sun and watering convenience is relative to the spot. You may even choose to have a few raised garden beds next to each other for more planting space. Raised garden beds come in kits these days of various sizes with easy assembling instructions, all you need is a screwdriver! Also, you may customize your own to be specific to your needs. This is what I did, I wanted specific dimensions for may raised garden beds. I first measured the area where I wished to place my raised garden bed, then I purchased some cedar wood 8”x2” boards cut them to size and screwed it together. Reinforcing the corners of raised garden beds is a must because of the weight and pressure of the dirt and water that will be inside the bed when in use can bust the corners out of your raised beds! You can use metal corner joint fasteners or use a wooden anchor to screw into to provide added support. The reasons that cedar raised garden beds are recommended is because it is weather hardy and bug and pest resistant. Avoid pressure and chemical treated wood because the chemicals in the wood can get to your food through the soil! You can apply a linseed oil coat to help protect your raised garden beds and help them last longer. After you assemble your raised garden beds, you can place it in the desired spot and place some weed proof cloth on the bottom of the bed area to prevent weeds from popping up in your garden, if you desire. Then you can fill your new garden bed with a quality gardening soil and begin planting your seeds or starts right away! That is it! Wood, screws, corner re-enforcers, soil and and optional linseed oil and weed cloth! It is really is that simple! You will find that gardening in raised garden beds is a real treat and will probably prefer it over conventional row gardens! I know I do! Search online for instructions for raised garden beds, or check your local home improvement store for pre-made kits. I am sure you will enjoy the luxury of gardening in raised garden beds. Get started today for fresh home grown produce today! Raised Garden beds. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: