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Quit KKR Greater China CEO Liu Haifeng what to do to consider and prepare the text of Yang Yang, each person to do the investment, the dream of one day to be able to set up their own funds." Liu Haifeng will leave his post KKR motivation, attributed to the entrepreneurial impulse. At the end of August, KKR announced a reshuffle of the news. From the beginning of February 2017, Liu Haifeng will no longer serve as chairman and chief executive officer of KKR Asia Private Equity fund. He will work with HUAYU to create their own private equity investment (Private Equity, PE), China is also a global partner of KKR. From 2005, the formal layout of Asia, Liu Haifeng is KKR’s first local employees in asia. "He is our key figure in china." Said Liu Haifeng and joined the KKR road. The Liu Haifeng team in the past China typical investment, including Chinese Ping, Mengniu, Nanfu battery and the recent Asian animal husbandry, agricultural development, Qingdao Haier, COFCO carnivorous. From the KKR global partner, the Asian private equity business co head position, it is not difficult to see that a positive evaluation of KKR headquarters of Liu Haifeng: not only help KKR to build the China business platform, there are a series of investments in the consumer, services, but also in the exploration of China economic investment opportunities in new period of transformation, restructuring, "this includes the restructuring of state-owned enterprises and cross-border investment enterprises". This allows the Liu Haifeng’s departure is more intriguing, whether KKR also encountered localization dilemma? Unlike Liu Haifeng, who spent more than and 10 years in KKR, China’s core group of global PE funds has had frequent changes in recent years. For example, in 2008 to join the Providence (Providence), Xiaomeng Tong joined TPG in 2009 Ma Xuezheng, had to leave after two or three years, Liang Jinsong in 7 years after leaving the Blackstone Group (Blackstone Group) president of greater china. "KKR has been very down to earth, with the local people, is the implementation of local strategies". While denying the market speculation, KKR also stressed the long-term commitment to the Chinese market". This is not only for the future of its Asia Pacific Fund will invest nearly 30% of funds in China, but also in its expanding investment team in china. Chinese team executives will be in place within a few months." Lu Ming said. In 20 days after the announcement news Liu Haifeng resigned, KKR found his successor, now became the development of FHC president and CEO Yang Wenjun. KKR currently has a team of 26 people in China, including the investment team members and the staff of the 6 operations of the team of 20". Want to walk right now? Liu Haifeng intends to start their own business. This idea has a long history. "He’s the best age." Liu Haifeng himself said that he had fifteen years of effective life in his own life, according to people close to the situation. According to public information, Liu Haifeng, aged 46. This age there are entrepreneurial impulse, and over the past 20 years of investment experience has provided enough accumulation, from resources to professional capacity. Prior to joining KKR, Liu Haifeng worked for 13 years at the Morgan stanley,.相关的主题文章: