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Qiu Yuanping: trust in the overseas Chinese enterprises to carry out international cooperation Chinese news agency of the new network capacity is very good – in Lagos on 31 October, (reporter Song Fangcan) of the State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs Office Director Qiu Yuanping line Chinese October 30th arrived in Nigeria’s largest city of Lagos, and in 31 of overseas Chinese enterprises in the city investigation. In the study of the famous local chamber of Commerce’s group, Qiu Yuanping pointed out, rely on the strength of the overseas Chinese enterprises to carry out international cooperation Chinese capacity "is a very good model." Qiu Yuanping, director of the purpose of the trip is to master the local overseas Chinese first hand information, listen to the overseas Chinese, overseas Chinese heart. On the morning of 31 early in the morning, director Qiu Yuanping line accompanied by China ambassador to Nigeria Zhou Pingjian, Consul General in Lagos, Xiao Liang’s nest visited the Dong Group Industrial park. Dong group from the beginning of 1968 to set up factories in Bad Ragaz, Nigeria has become one of the top four Chinese enterprises. The group’s existing staff of ten thousand local 5000, and from both sides of Hongkong and approximately one thousand employees. The group has more than and 10 factories and a five star hotel, involved in wood processing, enamel products, nails, steel rolling, steel and other products, covering the whole of West Africa, there are also exported to europe. Outside the factory decorated, working in the factory, the local overseas Chinese students and workers, and quickly came to the king and the chief soil lined up to welcome the visiting director Qiu yuanping. Local director Wang also presented to Jo Aries, meaning "story". Some chiefs told reporters: Chinese factories, the development of the local real economy, the unemployment rate remained high for the country to create a lot of jobs, which they are very grateful. Qiu Yuanping and in overseas Chinese factory workers and encourage them to talk, said: "this opportunity is very much, you left their homes to come to work hard, while we are young." Nigeria 16 years to do the main work of Huang Weidong, currently in the construction of plant. He told reporters that his roots in China, every year to go home and family reunion. I heard the director Qiu Yuanping came to visit the local residents of West Africa make light of travelling a thousand li, he was very moved, after hearing the initiative to greet. A person in charge of the project said Xu Qingwei, director of the overseas Chinese Affairs Office to see Jo led the delegation came to Lagos, he and his colleagues are very happy. Dong Group Chairman, West Africa and the Nigeria Federation of overseas Chinese president Dong Rui? And director Qiu Yuanping visited the group’s cold rolled steel factory, and introduces the development of the factory. In the introduction to the group from a domestic heavy group introduced 900 mm cold rolling mill was completed and put into production, Qiu Yuanping very happy for them, with peers, Ambassador Zhou Pingjian said: "this kind of fusion capacity cooperation in a high degree, thought must be Chinese companies to invest in the real here, a lot of cooperation. This depends on the strength of overseas Chinese enterprises, at the technical level and equipment level cooperation, is a very good model." Qiu Yuanping said: China’s steel, cement, ceramics and other high-quality production needs to come out. The industrial structure of these plants just can help shift our current capacity." Qiu Yuanping suggested overseas Chinese相关的主题文章: