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Prohibition of eggs and surrogacy, 50 million infertility how to do? Original title: the Black family, silent protest author of 50 million infertility patients: Shen Bin   source: public number "glacier think tank" in the absence of research on surrogacy and egg donations before, I like you, will be the industry as a black industry, like prostitution, gambling, drug trafficking, is a kind of activity. But it’s not that simple. The media for another wave of "birth black" revealed: Girls sell eggs xiansang Ming, surrogacy agreement without legal protection, brokers earn HeiXinQian, illegal practice, bloody dirty little conception…… In fact, in the absence of surrogacy, donated eggs, I like you, the industry as a black industry, and prostitution, gambling, drug trafficking, is a kind of activity. But it’s not that simple. I think it is more concerned about this issue, but also a relatively early view of the so-called illegal surrogacy and there is no way to strictly prohibit this road. On the contrary, I think the problem of illegal surrogacy is the result of rigid regulation. There are 3 main ways of human assisted reproductive technology in the silence of the 50 million infertile groups: artificial insemination, in vitro fertilization embryo transfer (IVF), surrogate. The news often exposure students "selling eggs", a — that belongs to IVF combined by egg donor and her husband’s sperm in vitro embryo formation in vitro, and then into the wife’s pregnancy. Egg donation is different from the surrogate, which refers to the husband’s sperm or fertilized eggs, implanted in the surrogate body pregnancy. According to the principle of a lot of countries, the birth of the mother, the surrogate mother is the child’s mother, once a dispute, the couple may be entrusted to the surrogate child. Therefore, the ethical and legal conflict of surrogacy is much larger than that of donation. But even surrogacy, in some countries are subject to legal norms, such as the United Kingdom, under strict control, to commercial surrogacy, has been legalized for 31 years. British surrogate mother! British surrogacy is legal. In fact, not only the United Kingdom, the United States a lot of state surrogacy is legal. Why donate eggs can only be banned? The first time I see these data, the world outlook changed. I was in the "Oriental Morning Post" wrote a comment "can not" donate eggs, "a ban on the. Something unexpected happened! Second days, some people call the newspaper to ask, where can accept egg donation, the phone a sister to speak: the couple as if weeping and complaining of infertility for many years, how wanted to have a child. To be honest, I is the first contact with this group: the original and so a child so desire, even obsessed people. In fact, the crowd is very large. According to statistics, in 2012 the number of Chinese infertility has exceeded 50 million, infertility rate of 12.5%~15%, which means that on average each of the couples of childbearing age, there are 1 pairs of children facing fertility difficulties. They are the silent majority. Where are they going to solve the problem? The surrogate was really Hao method相关的主题文章: