Passenger flight Cheats try to change your

Passenger flight Cheats: try to change your travel (original title: comfort + money, travel Master so fly) lead: fly long-distance travel, economy class, physical suffering, travel business, wallet. At this time, we need a high-end economy class to save the body and wallet. (source: Interface) in the middle of the night flight, it is sleepy, but the next seat of the peer who watched a movie screen, a light in the cabin lights particularly dazzling, and can’t sleep, thought and bleary eyed to the hotel, feel tired heart. If you are on a flight from London to Losangeles, if you choose "Spaceseat", it will never happen! New Zealand Airlines Spaceseat seat is a frequent flyer of all types of aviation awards Spaceseat only exists in the New Zealand Airlines Boeing 777-300ER aircraft in the high-end economy cabin, the seat uses unconventional 2-2-2 layout. Spaceseat put a do not pay attention to the flat vertical row seat for the aisles, two middle seat armrest and seat can be the lowest level, to travel together travelers, especially couples or couples, can put feet on the other leg; or the armrest up into a small table, two people you can get a meal for thirty thousand feet face-to-face candlelight dinner. On two seat window are inclined to face the window, a baffle do some segment, save a lone traveler fancy row passengers show loving trouble, but also provide a private space. However, with the New Zealand Airlines began to scale up its high-end economy class, after February 2017, Spaceseat will be replaced by a new high-end economy class seats. So if you want to experience Spaceseat, you may have to hurry, Air New Zealand a total of only 308 Spaceseat seats, currently only in Oakland between San Francisco and Oakland – Losangeles – London round-trip flights Spaceseat high-end economy class. Middle seat Spaceseat let someone close close space to bigger, the price to cheaper even figure again small girl, if you want to fly 10 hours, economy class seat pitch and back angle can’t let people keep comfortable. The old man sat with that, we must insist on 10 hours is more difficult. The airline’s high-end economy class award-winning nowadays, most generous airlines have high-end economy class seat spacing enlarged to 120cm – which even seat spacing than some business class airline are big. Usually, the high-end economy class seat spacing is about 96.5cm in the seat spacing 15cm the same plane about the general economy — for the vast majority of travelers, the leg space is enough stretch, you can even skip a Tui what (although I don’t agree with you do not like in public). Sitting in the general economy when the top of the knee to the front seat back so embarrassed)相关的主题文章: