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Outside the Commission to declare the custom of "blowout" the most fierce public offering within half a month reported 22 Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The Securities Times reporter Li Shuchao with the market "asset shortage" and "shortage of public offering business" spread, outsourcing funding route through public offering customized fund blowout state. Securities Times reporter found that the number of public fund companies at the end of August intensive reporting outsourcing customized fund, has raised a half months reported 22 products. The industry believes that a large number of outsourcing funds settled, or will meet the requirements of the public management of the scale of assessment, but the maintenance of the channel customers should be the main reason. In the outsourcing product expansion at the same time, the industry also for institutions once the product shell, the net withdrawn after soaring prices, collective Redemption Risks exist. Since the "twins" suspected of outsourcing at the end of August, a number of public fund companies outsourcing customized fund blowout state. The Commission’s latest public fund raising for the data show that as of September 2nd, Huaxia Fund since August 19th half intensive declared 22 suspected outsourcing customized fund, a small climax outsourcing fund "custom declaration". The declaration data publication, Huaxia Fund declared trusteeship of Construction Bank, China Merchants Bank’s new Jin slightly flexible allocation, the new Kam industry flexible allocation, new Jinxiang flexible configuration mixing 12 "flexible configuration of new products" in the first series; the industrial and commercial bank, Bank of communications as the custodian has declared dingnuo Dingwang bond, bond, bond Dingshi and other 7 products, these products are "Ding" is the first series of bond products; and to the industrial bank as the custodian bank is declared a series of debt based bond "Ding Ding Tai" prefix, also apply for a new flexible allocation, new Jinhua Kam real flexible allocation and other "new" is the first series of hybrid funds. Similar situation is not uncommon in large public fund. Such as Cathay Pacific Fund to declare the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Bank of Ningbo as the custodian of Hengyi flexible allocation, Sherex flexible allocation "benefit" series of 11 flexible configuration funds; Huaan declaration of funds to the postal savings bank, CITIC Bank as custodian bank Xinfeng, flexible allocation, flexible configuration of new Ruili mix "new" series 5 products; the letter of the fund issued by industrial bank, Bank of China 6 "core" series of debt based, "Xin" series of flexible allocation funds can see outsourcing funds "shadow". In addition, the new fund Changsheng, CAF Agricole, Xinhua and other public fund company recently declared also suspected of outsourcing customized fund. Beijing, a fund research said that the products in the declaration stage, outsourcing customized fund has the following characteristics: one is highly similar in the name of the fund, is generally only one or two words; two is in custody, some of the same series products are managed by the same bank, there is associated with the customer cross hosting company. The name of the above to raise the declaration of the same height, the fund should be consistent with the custodian of the fund, Beijing, a public offering foundation相关的主题文章: