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Marketing Online reputation management is skill of monitoring and the managing your positive image in the marketing world. Since online business world is brewing up constantly, so to mange online reputation as important as selling your product. ORM is a blend of three basic things; digital marketing, social media, marketing, PR and traditional marketing techniques. Earlier marketing was associated with print media and we used to term it as Public Relation. However, today the social media, directly targets SEO tactics to influence results. Basically the idea remains is the strategy to list your website listed in the top ranking and getting better results. There are many factors that influences your websites reputation such as blogs, review sites, forums etc. The term online reputation management was coined in the year 1997 by a Public Relation business house known as SHANDWICK. Initially the idea was to broaden by the Public Relation outside the purview of media. However, today the definition line has changed drastically. Even for branding the .mercial products website are being launched, and are integrated with feedback system that directly impacts your selling reputation. Thus, online reputation Management deals with the practice of monitoring reputation of individual or brand that influences the SEO, SERP, and financial out.e of the website. Generally through online management people sort out the negative factors that can hamper that reputation or affect their brands reputation. Here the reputation management attempts to lessen the gap between .panies with what it perceives of itself and as to how others view it. Managing .ment is very important part of online reputation management .ments play a vital role in shaping up the future of any website. Mostly customers first read the reviews of people or buyers who had already had some kind of the business with your website. If somehow this idea is represented in a negative scenario then it is going to .pletely blogged down the performance of your website. Therefore, you must check the review status and feedback .ing on your website. Beside this, social media plays a vital role in protecting the right image about your brand. You must be able to create a hangover and sincerity among customers through your .ments, resolving problems and illustrating the details when it is needed. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: