One of the owners of the northeast of the car was attacked by corrosive liquid car owners said retal rainism

One of the owners of the northeast of the car was attacked by the corrosive liquid car owners said the car was damaged by the corrosive liquid paint severely damaged new culture reporter Xing Yang photo of the new culture (reporter Xing Yang) what enemies, what resentment?" The afternoon of October 1st, Changchun netizen "Daniel– Ronaldo" micro-blog, accompanying photos show, a black car was splashed on the corrosive liquid, severely damaged the car paint. Netizen: suspected someone’s accounted for parking pictures taken from the users point of view, although the car parked in the parking spaces, but the car is parked in the parking spaces almost sideways, judging from the rear of the vehicle position, the car has three parking spaces. Micro-blog after the release of a large number of users to be reproduced and comments, there are a lot of friends suspected because the car for a plurality of parking spaces, some people feel only in the above spilt corrosive liquid. Little guy said: so parking is a problem, but do not have this dead hand. @Brilliant–tianyu: This is a criminal offence. Intentional damage to public and private property, filing standards 5000 yuan. Obviously this car is not enough to repair 5000 yuan. Also the netizen said: "I’m ready for my house downstairs car hit her, not the quality of stop chaos, a man of two parking spaces." Neighbors: should not be true because the owner of the parking lot is not standardized parking was poured corrosive liquid? Find a car damaged car near October 2nd reporter Liu Ying Lu Cai Shi Nan Jie Dong Yi Hu Tong and the intersection of the eighth city wanlong. Despite the past two days, but the car is parked at the scene, the car trunk lid, roof and left front engine cover paint most severely damaged, the paint has come off with fragmentation, lacquer metal, corrosive liquid on the window, the door is destroyed. The car is parked sideways, up three parking spaces, this is the reason to be corrosive liquid? Several shops around the boss does not think so. This car is a young man across the second-hand car dealers, who is very good with the neighbours are also very good, should not be a neighbor." Adjacent to the shop owner said. "Even if it is a parking space, neighborhood neighbors, it is impossible to do such a thing ah." Near a supermarket boss said. Car owners: Revenge of a total of three people guilty of the crime of the car owner Mr. Hu bluntly: This is revenge." Mr. Hu said, this thing is certainly not related to parking, the other party is using paint remover, so it will cause serious damage to the car paint. "This car is not sold, is my own car, the vehicle had to re paint, at least 18000 block." Hu said. "We found it on the morning of October 1st, but the man has run away."." Mr. Hu said, "we went to the police, the police retrieved surveillance video." According to Mr. Hu, surveillance video shows a total of three people committing the crime, not more than 3 minutes before and after. "We already have a suspect, but also to provide information to the police suspect, should soon be able to catch people." Hu said. Currently, the police are further investigation. 24 hours hot news: the CPC Liaoning provincial Party Committee Organization Department announcement   Liaoning prostitution相关的主题文章: