One hundred years of Zhongshan Street recovery history continuation of Wuhan city context (video) t6670

One hundred years of Zhongshan Street Historic restoration will continue the city culture of Wuhan Metro Line 6 opened to traffic next month when the trial operation of Zhongshan Avenue will also be in the long-awaited return with a new look. Recently, the Provincial Standing Committee, party secretary Ruan Chengfa, mayor of, field research and comprehensive protection and transformation of the Zhongshan avenue. Ruan Chengfa requirements, to rest every day period, with "one hundred years of engineering, Millennium Development Concept crafted, no regrets, in this hundred years old to restore historical features, city culture, retain the root of Wuhan. The drizzle, Ruan Chengfa Wan Yong, a line from the public park to walk along the Tianjin Road, view block renovation, facade renovation and landscaping etc., then held a working meeting, considered the Zhongshan Avenue "cultural", commercial street upgrade, public works and other special programs. Do culture "articles", Zhongshan Avenue Tower culture square is the center of planning to form a "nuclear island ten" cultural space layout, create a "find the time-honored, old taste" the ten major cultural experience, make Zhongshan avenue a cultural five cities showcase area. To promote the upgrading, Zhongshan Road East, West, respectively as the slow life commercial culture experience area, high-end fashion business district, international trade finance exhibition area, open street before the important node to adjust the format, a format upgrade benchmark, and in three years time gradually to the international famous commercial Avenue line. Over the past two years, Ruan Chengfa repeatedly field research office, witnessed the magnificent transformation of Zhongshan Avenue, feel excited. He said that after this round of comprehensive protection and transformation, the basic historical features of 100 years old have first, comforting, to seize the current still open street every day before, to create a "hundred year project, thousands of years of" excellence, crafted, no regrets. Ruan Chengfa pointed out that the transformation of the Zhongshan Avenue should have four major functions of history, culture, commerce, tourism Avenue, the core function is the history of heritage, cultural display. "On the street, we can find the time-honored, take the old alley, into the old house, look at the museum, the bookstore, a wind Chu rhyme, occasional art master, remember nostalgia……" Imagine walking Zhongshan Avenue, a wonderful experience, Ruan Chengfa stressed that the location of Zhongshan Avenue comprehensive protection and transformation to further highlight the two major characteristics of history and culture, restore the historical features, city culture, retain the root of Wuhan. He made specific requirements for engineering construction and cultural construction. The construction of the park, tower nodes to build quality, make the grade, so that the public visitors feel 100 years old historical and cultural charm in the open; to invite experts to study the landmark sculpture program, very beautiful; to erect "Zhongshan Avenue reconstruction" in the streets, record the transformation of the purpose and to process; the facade renovation focus on outstanding historical and cultural construction, harmonious and beautiful appearance on the whole road. Return to culture, the concept of planning project – specific, time-honored, old alley, bookstores, old theatre, artist studios cultural carrier should individually correspond to clearly determine the size, location, quality standards, and earnestly implement the. Wan Yong stressed that the comprehensive protection and renovation of Zhongshan avenue to achieve the ultimate success of the reputation相关的主题文章: