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Travel-and-Leisure Bali is a beautiful island filled to overflowing with incredible sights, sounds, people, places, cultural treasures, historic ruins, and even endangered species. Millions of people cross the shores of Bali to spend weeks or months on vacation in one of the hotels or even Bali villas rental—but one thing many vacationers rarely consider is that if they love the island of Bali so much, why not buy your own piece of the island to have forever? Bali real estate is in high demand from big hotels looking to use the small private properties as pricey villas. Don’t let chain hotels have all that is good! Bali real estate is ripe for the taking and you deserve to own your own piece of Bali property. In many countries of the world, real estate markets are falling on hard times and even failing altogether, but Bali has seen incredible prosperity due to a rise in tourism, and the international demand for the handcrafted items that only native Balinese can create. When you think about Bali you envision lush greens—trees, flower stems, endangered reptiles, NOT money. Real estate in Bali is worth far more than many people pay because the magic of Bali cannot be bought or sold. If you don’t want to purchase real estate in Bali, you can look into Bali villas rental and spend time on Bali without being a property owner. But if you’re interested in Bali real estate you should know that there are incredible properties available…here are a few tips to buying real estate in Bali. It might seem silly, but if you want to buy property in Bali you need to be able to convert meters to feet easily. All property listings online for properties in Bali list the livable space of the property in square meters. Here is a cheat: 1 sq ft = 0.09 sq meters. Knowing the conversion of square feet to square meters will help you determine if the property you’re looking to buy will be the right size for your needs, whether you plan to keep it all to yourself or turn it into one of the most popular Bali villas rental on the island. Another tip to keep in mind when looking into purchasing Bali real estate is the fact that you will want to actually see the property before buying. You can use your desire to see the property before buying as an excuse to take a month long vacation on the island—soak up the sun while shopping for property—win-win! Because there are so many properties for sale, you might want to turn your month long vacation villa into a second home—wink-wink! Bali is known for its beauty, rich cultural heritage, and incredible properties. You can own your own chain of villas, your own private getaway, your own bed and breakfast, or your own corporate retreat. Bali welcomes all comers, and they are especially nice to those looking to invest in Bali real estate and stay a while. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: