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Software The recently launched Norton antivirus is capable of protecting your .puter better, and with high speed. It effectively removes all kinds of malware. The new software has many changes, but the most prominent change is the revamped interface. Although the look and feel are still the same, but if you want to experience a better user interface, then you should buy Norton antivirus 2013. If you are wondering what the changes are, then it is mainly based on the touch control, and you can install it easily on Windows 8. Initially the software will make you a little confused, as it has buttons but without the description of its work. So, if you are confused without the tooltip, then after a few moments you will start feeling at home. The remarkable changes in the new antivirus There are certain changes that will be very appealing to the customers. The improved protection, and the fast updates from the database is featured, which is quite new. The cheap Norton antivirus 2013 another thing that was unthinkable for the customers. But the .pany has made no .promise with the quality even after decreasing the price. In fact you will be glad to see some pleasant changes that you have been always waiting for. One such new feature is the SONAR. In this technology the software turns the .puter into safe mode, and searches for the latest viruses. When you install this software in the new Windows 8, it starts before the .puter starts. This makes it possible for the antivirus to detect the virus beforehand only. Helps monitor your data charges If you buy Norton antivirus 2013, then you can save money on your broadband charges also. They analyze the importance of the new updates, and only then they install it. So the not so critical data are not installed in your .puter, thereby reducing the cost of internet charges. This monitoring is called the bandwidth monitoring by the .pany. The new software has a policy that governs the .work used by different programs. You can also control the strictness of following the data monitor system. If the broadband connection that you are using is not very costly, then you can choose the option of no monitor, and if you are using a very costly 3G connection, then you can use the strict rules of monitoring the data usage. So, if all the latest developments that this antivirus has undergone is taken into consideration, then the cheap Norton antivirus 2013 is a very good software to be used in the Windows 8. Even if you are not using Windows 8, then also you can see the difference in the interface of the new antivirus. After using it you will mark the remarkable difference that it has with the earlier versions, and love its working style. The earlier versions required you to sign in as many times as you want to configure the settings, but the latest version has removed that system totally. The features that you do not have to reboot after adding a new patch is also a good thing. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: